A Consequence of Winning

Tam has another link to training fail, which seems to becoming more common. While I think gun bloggers have a role in pointing this stuff out, I think there’s no better evidence for the phenomena of lots of newly minted gun owners than the training fail phenomena. If it’s correct that guns and shooting are going completely mainstream as a hobby, you’re going to see a lot more unqualified people getting into the business in an attempt to cash in on the larger pool of newbs floating around out there that wouldn’t know good training from bad.

So I put this phenomena in the “good problem to have,” category, because of what it means. It would be interesting to see as well, whether NRA’s had an uptick in problem instructors, since NRA’s credential is not all that difficult to obtain, and widely recognized. While they probably would want to keep quiet about that if it were the case, it would be more evidence there are a lot of new shooters floating out there on the market looking for training.

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  1. It should be noted that G1 runs its classes in the Philippines. Mike, over and everydaynodaysoff, covered this a few days ago.

  2. True, the NRA creds aren’t that difficult to obtain. The hardest part, for me anyways, was actually being accepted to the Instructors course. Good information is key since laws, reciprocity, etc. are always changing. Just yesterday someone commented on OFCC’s facebook page that their NRA Basic Pistol instructor told them that OC’ing is illegal in Ohio once you are issued a CHL, which is completely false. Ohio has had it’s share of bad instructors, like the one that was qualifying students with a bb gun, but i haven’t heard of any lately.

  3. Phenomena is plural. Used wrong 3 times in post. The singular is phenomenon.

    Delete comment after reading (Mission Imp. style!).

      1. Usage cops. And I think the line should be “No one *expects* the usage Inquisition!”

        Seriously, that one, though minor, really jumps out at the reader if he/she knows how to use the word right.

        Ditto “criteria” (plural) vs. “criterion” (singular). No such thing as “a criteria.”

        1. I could really care less about misspellings in post that is cranked out in 5 minutes. Spelling, usage, and grammar are trivial, especially when you’re not commenting on the content of the post and focus on the mundane.

          Stop being a troll.

  4. Wow. I see lots of hollywood gun ninja BS that would get you very killed, very quickly if used in a real-life situation. Or, you know, in training.

    And remember, kids: If you’re ever in a stick fight with an equally-sticked opponent, you can use the middle as an umbrella. Or something.

  5. The guy started and ended his video with pictures of himself photoshopped into “Splinter Cell” ads.

    Two things to take away from that.

    1. His target audience (no pun intended…) is gamers.
    2. There is a need to get gamers off the couch and into good training, not train with this maroon.

  6. This is nowhere near as bad as the video you posted a few months back (the one with the pretty brunette instructor). At least this guy appears to know a thing or two about karate.

    Really there is no substitute for genuine street smarts. No training academy can give that to you.

  7. It seems obvious that between Black Friday sales and recent polls showing an increase in the numbers of households willing to admit that they own guns, that the number of newly minted gun owners are on the rise. As a gun-club RO I see quite a few of these new owners looking for training through our club. Many of these, are women realizing there personal responsibility self protection. My personal mission is to make sure that all of these newbies get safe and effective training, at least in safe gun handling, but it also seems obvious that we are in need of more gun training sights dedicated to safe training.

  8. My son-in-law just got his NRA pistol instructor certificate. I don’t know how many clients he’s trained, but evidently he sees an opportunity there. I know he’s a competent shooter, so I’m not worried about him giving students bad instruction.

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