Another Beating in Philly

This is becoming a weekend pasttime, it seems. This time a cabbie interveined with a tire iron and the miscreants fled. They were caught, and are being charged as juveniles. I’m calling BS on that. If they are old enough to beat people, they are old enough to be tried as adults.

But yeah, what kind of paranoid freak would carry a gun in that city?

8 thoughts on “Another Beating in Philly”

  1. Police did not immediately know if the teens would or could face hate crime charges.

    Yeah, like we don’t already know how this is going to turn out..

  2. Because we’re just a bunch of white males (never mind the fact that some of us are not white and many are not male) who are just waiting for an excuse to gun down black teenagers, we are spreading false propaganda in an attempt to demonize black teenagers, just like the Southern propagandists of earlier generations.

    Never mind the FACT that these beatings are almost always racially motivated and black on white. Any attempt to point this out means you are a racist, PERIOD.

    Do I really need to point out that Al Sharpton won’t have a fucking thing to say about this?

  3. I know the castle doctrine would protect you if you defended yourself while in YOUR vehicle(*), but does this protection extend to a passenger in a cab?

    *(4) Persons residing in or visiting this Commonwealth
    have a right to expect to remain unmolested within their
    homes or vehicles.
    (5) No person should be required to surrender his or her
    personal safety to a criminal, nor should a person be
    required to needlessly retreat in the face of intrusion or
    attack outside the person’s home or vehicle.

  4. I feel that they should be tried as Juveniles. Adults should be convicted and executed or placed in work camps for life.

    As for cab. I believe the Castle Doctrine protects your right to defend yourself anywhere you are legally allowed to be.

    Even if it only protected you in your property, a good lawyer can make case that as a cab passenger you have a lease agreement. And that just like renting a house, renting a car would most likely be able to be argued to extend.

  5. Is your city just completely out of control? Seems like NYC in the 80s, and about as appealing.

    1. Not my city. I live safely outside. But it does seem to resemble pre-Guiliani New York. And I don’t see Philly as getting its Guiliani, well, ever.

      1. It’s a shame too because there are some sights to see in Philly, I’d like to be able to visit since it’s fairly close to me. I’m not sure whether this behavior will spread outside urban areas, I’d hope not.

      2. Not my city. I live safely outside

        I find myself muttering the same thing about Detroit, occasionally.

        Even though I live in the Metro Area, and can travel a couple of miles to the edge of the City.

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