Quote of the Day

From Joe Huffman, who picked my bit from yesterday about the state of the debate as quote of the day:

Their “political currency” is the tragedy of their victim “heroes”. Ours is the enabling of self reliance and determination. There is no common ground upon which to compromise or even talk.

I largely agree. One thing that’s pretty clear from the candle lighting nonsense is the degree to which the other side revels in victimhood. It is not an existence I can even begin to understand. I would feel great shame if I behaved like this, or if someone in my family behaved like this in response to one of our family tragedies. The truth is I feel sorry for many of these folks, but not because of their victimhood, but because they have found themselves unable to move on. Instead they have externalized their victimhood, and actively seek to restrict the rights of those who do not identify as victims. Indeed, they seem to have developed an active hatred and loathing for those who promoted self-reliance and self-determination.

One thought on “Quote of the Day”

  1. my theory? it’s a kind of guilt, but one they are not willing to face. they are not wiling to admit that they might be cowards unable to to defend themselves. if no one can defend themselves its a question they never have to answer, as they are just like everyone else.

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