Forest Services Changes Shooting Policy

According to SAF:

Under the old interpretation, the USFS, particularly in Colorado’s Boulder Ranger District, had been preventing the public from recreational shooting within 150 yards of any road on the presumption that a road is an “occupied area” under the language of Federal Regulation 36 CFR 261.10. But the memorandum, issued by Joel Holtrop, deputy chief of the National Forest System, clarifies the regulation.

“Roads are not inherently considered occupied areas under 261.10(d)(1),” the memorandum notes. However, there remains a prohibition against shooting across or along a forest road, or any body of water adjacent to a road. The Aug. 29 memorandum was sent to all regional foresters, station directors, and other personnel including USFS law enforcement supervisors.

This is good news for people who shoot in National Forests.