Politicians are the Same Everywhere

In the wake of random tragedy, is to suggest there’s probably some new law that wouldn’t have prevented a damned thing, but will nonetheless sound good to those weak souls who demand that the government do something. We have plenty of these worms here in America, but I think the only difference is we’re a bit, and sadly only a bit, more willing to say publicly, for all to see, they are worms, and should be ignored. But maybe only a bit is enough to at least slow the advance of the lowest common denominator.

2 thoughts on “Politicians are the Same Everywhere”

  1. Oh Sebastian, please forgive me for exploiting your apparent pessimism in this post, but I just had to avail myself of this opportunity:

    This is why I feel eventually, ultimately, there will be no political solution to the advance of government tyranny, but only “an appeal to arms, and to the God of Hosts, [will be] all that is left us (Patrick Henry-1775).”

    Again, sorry.


  2. And note that it’s not the first time the Belgian State used blood in the streets to justify themselves
    “Belgium’s gun laws were drastically tightened after two racially driven murders in 2006 by a far-right 18-year-old, but new Home Affairs Minister Joelle Milquet this week expressed alarm over an increasing number of weapons available illegally.”

    That right there sums of the banners thought process. They don’t connect that people who really want contraband items can get still them (for example the killer had loads and loads of drugs as well).

    Well, I’m sure that even more restrictions on lawful possesion will do the trick.

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