NRA Board Election Fast Fact

The difference between the “last winner” and the “first loser” for a board seat last year was 1,664 votes. The last winner’s name was selected on approximately 63% of the valid ballots.

Your vote can make a difference!

2 thoughts on “NRA Board Election Fast Fact”

  1. I should note in this “fast fact” that the difference was between the 25th & 26th elected positions. Technically, the folks who came in 26th & 27th were immediately seated to the board because of vacancies due to earlier resignations. However, if there were no vacancies, they would not be serving.

    In addition, the board member who came in 28th won in the special election at the NRA meeting for the 76th director, a 1-year term, and the candidate who came in 29th was eventually seated in the fall because of a vacancy.

    So sometimes it’s not completely cut and dry. However, assuming no vacancies will arise due to death or resignation, typically only the top 25 are considered winners. This year, the top 26 will be winners because of vacancies.

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