The Game Begins in Wisconsin

In many states that passed shall issue, you’ll always have a handful of legislators that try to repeal it in practice without actually repealing it. Knowing there will never be the votes for outright repeal, making it nearly impossible to carry, or essentially rendering the license useless, is the next best thing.

Some jackass legislator from Milwaukee is looking to ban guns at gas stations, because they get robbed, you know. Presumably the existing law against robbery isn’t enough, but surely if we just ban guns, that’ll convince those armed robbers to just stay home. In addition, his bill make it a felony to make off with a tank of gas, or for some punk kid to scratch his initials on a gas pump. So we get to make more misdemeanor level crimes a felony, while we’re at it. A two for one deal.

This legislation is likely to go nowhere, but it’s worth pointing out that this battle never ends. There are too many people out there happy to stick their noses in your business. While it’s laughable to believe this is an anti-crime measure, it would most decidedly have the benefit of ensuring that no people licensed to carry actually do so, since this would amount to a major inconvenience.

8 Responses to “The Game Begins in Wisconsin”

  1. Bryan S. says:

    Ban legislators at bars, gas stations and movie theaters.

    That ought to solve some issues. Ban them form state property except for a 1 week exemption, and that would solve most of these issues before they were ever spoken.

    Texas has it right in regard to how long their congress meets each year.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    The way the wind is blowing right now, these asshats who attempt to get these laws passed are just putting big targets, woops, I mean placing their name on a list to defeat next election.

    Had a Palin moment!

  3. Strings says:

    As a cheddarhead, let me say folks like this in no way represent most of us.

    Unfortunately, Milwaukee and Madison heavily dominate state politics. And there’s a heavy “yellow dog Dem” tradition in the rest of the state…

  4. Wally says:

    I’m with Bryan, but I don’t think he goes far enough. Legislators should be banned at gas stations, any establishment that sells food or alcohol, pharmacies, all government-owned property except legislative buildings for the last 5 calendar days in January, and it is a felony for a legislator to be on private property without a notarized permission form from the property owner.

    Oh, and once they serve any time whatsoever in an elected office they are forever prohibited from having sex or receiving medical care of any type.

  5. Jim says:

    To: Dannytheman.

    Amigo. Our Congress doesn’t meet every year. It meets only every other year!

    Excepting of course, for special session, if deemed necessary by the Governor. And in special session, only the agenda items placed there for the Governor as the reason for the session, may be considered. Keeps a lot of crapola amendments from getting attached to various bills.

    We oughta do the same for the U.S. Congress.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. Gnarly Sheen says:

    “While it’s laughable to believe this is an anti-crime measure, it would most decidedly have the benefit of ensuring that no people licensed to carry actually do so, since this would amount to a major inconvenience.”

    Sooo….if this goes through, we can call them inconvenience stations?

  7. Weer'd Beard says:

    The fact that the antis are drawing so much attention to this doomed bill shows how desperate they are.

    If it wasn’t for their actions I would never even have noticed this bill, or its inevitable defeat.

    Now we will all watch it fail.

    That’s how desperate they are.

  8. The Old Coach says:

    If I were a cheese-head, a law like that would make me buy my gas out of state. Whoops – that would mean Sillynoise or Minniesoter, unless one lived close to the U.P. Is there gas in the U.P.? (Must be, otherwise how would they run snowbils?)

    The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. Never more true than today.