New Russian Bullpup Assault Rifle

Oddly enough, it’s chambered in 12.7x55mm. I’m guessing the Russians wanted something to compete against the .50 Beowulf in the heavy and slow stopping power category. But the .50 Beowulf can be deployed from the standard AR-15 platform. I would imagine a specialized rifle with a specialized caliber is a bit too much of a niche to make a real market. The ridiculous looking revolver pictured in the above link looks even more impractical.

2 Responses to “New Russian Bullpup Assault Rifle”

  1. Stew says:

    Speak for yourself, I would like the pair. Load the pistol with shot, and you’re taking a Judge revolver to the next level. :D

  2. Panamared says:

    Before I invest in a new cartridge and a platform to launch it, someone needs to explain to me what is wrong with the 45acp in a self-loading carbine.