Survival Bags

Over at Shooting Illustrated. Some of them have provisions for off body carry. Pretty neat.

4 Responses to “Survival Bags”

  1. Secret Squirrel says:

    Why oh why would you have a one-strap bag like the Bail-Out Bag as a GHB? If you’re any significant distance from home it will get uncomfortable fast — and I say this as someone who has rubbed my shoulder raw dragging a courier bag around for longer than I though I would have to.

  2. mobo says:

    All of those CCW bags are too “military” looking. Even most “grey man” bags draw attention. I’ve often considered having a pocket sewn on the back side of my Timbuk2 messenger bag, which is perfect urban camoflauge.

    • Harold says:

      In an emergency, is “military looking” such a bad thing? I.e. I would think it signals as least two good things:

      1. You probably don’t want to mess with me, find an easier target.

      2. I can very possibly help you.

      Note that if you’re carrying stuff in what look like a planned manner and look like you have your act together your already signaling “I have stuff you might want to steal”….

      I also suppose it depends on where you are and what sort of disaster it is. When I bugged out of my trashed apartment after the Joplin tornado I had my backpack bugout bag with the one handgun I was taking at the top of its contents plus I was dragging a big duffel bag that has wheels at one end. I did not know at the time where I would end up (didn’t know the extent of the damage, fortunately it didn’t extend to my mom’s house) but I wasn’t worried about immediate self-defense needs, this just isn’t that sort of place.

      That said, since then I’ve bought a Safepacker although I haven’t really tested it as of yet, although I highly recommend their 5 stitch Instructor Belt, it’s much better than any CCW leather belt I’ve used.

  3. David says:

    I’m waiting for the following items:
    Tactical diabetes socks
    MilSpec blood sugar meters
    Tactical shirts with stretch belly molle
    High speed low drag orthopedic shoes
    Surplus walking canes
    Tactical hover rounds or similar tactical power chair