Overheard in the House

Bitter, putting on a sweater, “It’s really starting to get cold.”

Well, the furnace doesn’t kick on until it drops below 66 degrees,” I note, “But it should stay warmer in here because of the computers running.” Putting my hand over the running machine, “Though, they aren’t doing much now so it’s not putting out much heat.”

Bitter quips, “Maybe you should try to get a link from Glenn Reynolds so it will work harder, and generate more heat.”

“Think Glenn would be responsive to a pitch that goes something like ‘Hey, I need my server to work harder so we’re not so cold in here. Could you spare a link?'” I ponder.

“If an Instalanche doesn’t make the server put out enough heat, Fark probably would,” Bitter notes.

“Hmm,” I ponder, “using computers for both communication and heat? I could probably sell it as a green jobs initiative and get a fat check from the Obama Administration. It could also be a recycling initiative for all those old AMD chips that take heat sinks the size of the Eiffel Tower.”

10 thoughts on “Overheard in the House”

  1. I will help Bitter by sending something worthless, as usual!!
    Maybe we could get a big government check, then claim bankruptcy, then live in the islands where it warm all the time!

    Let’s start a corporation. I will use Tube amps and you use the AMD chips. We must hurry, before the congress questions the Secretary of Energy on Solyndra scandal!!

  2. Anytime it starts getting cold, just start an argument of 9mm vs .45acp, or Mac vs PC. That should get the traffic going.

  3. Funny that. I just finished with Fark & Instapundit before clicking over here. :)

  4. Here’s my one hit on your server. That should create at least as many BTU’s of heat as the number of jobs created by the first couple of stimuli. Oh, sorry, I guess I’m not helping you too much am I? :-)

  5. Where did that old PDP-11 from the DUsers office get to? That should put off enough heat for you.

    1. Haha! I actually have blankets stashed all over the house. I have my couch blanket that sometimes gets dragged around the main living areas with me as I move. I have my own blankets upstairs so he can’t steal them from me. We also have a heated mattress pad with individual controls on each side. Even before we decided to drop the thermostat a couple of more degrees, I was prepared for this problem. :)

  6. I do this with two racks of test equipment I have in the basement. Trust that it’d be cheaper to burn dollar bills for their heat…

    And for the record, 9mm beats .45 because it breaks the sound barrier faster – even ninjas cannot outrun it.

    Just sayin’ (nothing of value).

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