OCing Rifles to Occupy Protests

While I generally don’t believe that OCing a rifle is a good public relations tactic, I’d much rather have dozens of OC protesters in the park near my house, carrying rifles, than I would a hippy drum circle. At least the OC guys will be quiet and go home at the end of the day. They probably also shower.

6 thoughts on “OCing Rifles to Occupy Protests”

  1. I 100% agree OCing a rifle is a PITA so its not terribly useful for defense.

    That being said In response to California banning open carry in a may-issue state, I think its a 100% appropriate response.

    As the Cliche goes “You Asked for it”. Also the protestors did a wonderful job.

    1. This reminds of a nightmare that I used to have when I lived in California.

      I get called to jury duty in Oakland (even though I lived in another county). I’m carrying my Colt Mustang (since I had a California CCW), and as I exit my car, I realize that I am surrounded by gang members. As they approach, threatening me, I start firing, while at the same time trying to get an AR-15 clone out of the soft case that I have over my shoulder. If I can get the AR-15 loaded and ready to fire, I have nothing to worry about, but every time I get the rifle half out of the case, I have to fire a few more shots and do a tactical reload on the Mustang–and I’m running out of magazines for the Mustang!

      Do you have nightmares like this? I am so glad that I don’t live in California anymore.

  2. Weer’d, I disagree with the last part of your argument. While OC’ing a long arm is most definitely a PITA, it is much better for defense than a handgun.

    1. I think what Weer’d is trying to say, is that because it’s such a pain to carry a rifle around, it’s not going to be very useful for self-defense: you’ll most likely have left it someplace convenient.

      I have daydreamed about putting rifles under the seats of my van, as well as having a shotgun available for the “shotgun” door. Even I recognize how “over the top” I would be to insist on being prepared like that–I definitely wouldn’t want to be in a situation, societally, where doing that would be necessary, just to survive from day to day!

      (Such situations would only occur in times of Revolution, Invasion, or *Really* Rampant Gang Warfare; thus, I don’t see it being necessary…yet.)

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