Once Again, We’re the Scapegoats

We’re made out to be responsible for the acts of murdering criminals. I know about this unfortunate murder, because in Twitter Space, the Brady Campaign have been hanging about like a sleazy ambulance chasing lawyer at the scene of a fatal accident.

Sorry, but I didn’t kill that young woman. It’s illegal under federal law, in case the NY Daily News is not aware, to buy firearms in South Carolina and smuggle them to New York City to sell on the streets to criminals. You can do ten years for each count in the federal pen. I don’t know what else we’re supposed to do, that still respects the fact that being able to buy a gun is a basic, fundamental right if you’re law-abiding.

Getting the blame for the criminal actions of others is one of my primary motivations for staying active in this issue. There’s no practice of our opponents that I find more motivating than their attempts to make me the scapegoat for these social ills. It’s ironic that the New York Daily News probably believes it’s helping fan the flames of gun control, but in reality they are sowing the seeds of the destruction of New York City’s gun laws, by keeping people like you and me in the game.

4 thoughts on “Once Again, We’re the Scapegoats”

  1. Is the goofy clip-art a direct parody of Joan Peterson? Because I chuckled a little.

  2. My interest in SA advocacy was directly kindled by Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans who confiscated fireams from law abiding citizens during Hurricane Katrina. The more the anti-gun people attempt to restrict my freedom, the harder I fight back. I think we should actually be grateful for the Brady Campaign for without them, we would not have the same motivation.

  3. I have to agree with the thoughts and comments that the B.C. and their fellow statist gun-control freaks are often responsible for our fervor for the Second Amendment.

    I recently awoke from my slumber on this topic, purchased my first firearm, and now give money regularly to many pro-firearm organizations and take great pleasure in annoying my liberal representatives while demanding they respect my rights.

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