Good to see those assault weapons bans …

getting hardened criminals off the streets. If I had to guess, he brought the weapons from home, and mistakenly believed he lived in America. Sad thing is he doesn’t have anything else of value to offer prosecutors to get them to drop the gun charge.

13 Responses to “Good to see those assault weapons bans …”

  1. ravenshrike says:

    If he pushes it, that would be an interesting 2nd amendment case. Namely on whether interstate restrictions on cosmetic form are considered constitutional in light of the 2nd.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Yeah… let’s hope he does not do that, because it’s too early for an assault weapons case, and that’s the wrong federal circuit to pursue one in.

  3. Sebastian says:

    I should note, however, that the guy would seem to make a good plaintiff, and having brought the weapon from another state where it was legal is not a bad way to frame the issue, I would think.

    Only six states restrict “assault weapons”, so they are outliers in the American legal framework when it comes to regulating guns.

  4. Chris says:

    One thing missing in the story, why did NCIS start an investigation? Did someone turn in him? Did he commit a crime or act in a way that lead them to believe he would?

    Based on the TV series NCIS is only interested in terrorists, serial killers and inter-office romance!!!

  5. NUGUN says:

    I am so glad to be out of that miserable state.

  6. terraformer says:

    This guy may not be the poster child you want. He was under investigation because his ship mates were concerned he was going to go postal.

  7. Sebastian says:

    Good to know :)

  8. PhilaBOR says:

    Terraformer said: “This guy may not be the poster child you want. He was under investigation because his ship mates were concerned he was going to go postal.”

    So would that have changed the saying to “going naval”?

  9. Matthew Carberry says:

    “Going naval” is just “going postal” with better fashion sense and a disco beat.

    -Matthew Carberry, Sgt. USMC =)

  10. divemedic says:

    LOL I am surprised that a Marine could write something like that without a crayon.

  11. Matthew Carberry says:

    It’s amazing what handwriting recognition software is capable of nowadays. ;)

  12. Ian Argent says:

    Wondering which statement will cause divemedic and Matt Carberry to join forces faster: “go navy, beat army,” or the reverse? (Says the son of a squid and a foreign service brat who enjoyed the heck out of the Marine House barbeques).

    Anyway, back on topic; you don’t always get perfect defendants/plaintiffs on these cases.

  13. Matthew Carberry says:

    “Go Navy!” works. After all, some of those Midshipmen have the wisdom to choose the Corps.