Fantasy Land on Microstamping

I’m not sure what planet New Yorkers Against Gun Violence lives in, but it’s not this one:

Microstamping legislation is supported by more than 100 mayors and 80 police departments and law enforcement organizations from across New York who know it would provide an additional tool to help solve gun crimes and get violent criminals off the streets.

Is it that surprising 100 mayors and 80 police chiefs in New York are fools? These are the same folks that convinced New York State that CoBIS, New York’s ballistic database, was absolutely an essential law enforcement tool as well, and even USA Today admits it’s been pretty much worthless, and Maryland’s database doesn’t fare much better.

Our opponents aren’t experts in much of anything these days, except hysterical rantings. But this is new, and better technology. Just trust them. It’s essential. And it won’t cost much.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Land on Microstamping”

  1. Microstamping is what they talk about instead of talking about getting the gangbangers off the street. They’re the ones who run around shooting each other, but microstamping would be aimed at every law-abiding citizen and while having no effect on criminals. It’s just another version of COBIS, which has wasted millions of dollars and resulted in zero arrests.
    Gun control is a fetish with these people. They believe in it, they worship it and they demand that you fund it via the inefficiency of government bureaucracy, when you’d be better off and safer spending your money yourself to buy ammo.
    Even as little as one round of the old .38 S&W cartridge is better than all the bureaucracy in the world, when your life is in danger from a burglar armed with a claw hammer.

  2. “I’m not sure what planet New Yorkers Against Gun Violence lives in…”

    No one seems to know what planet it is, but the NYAGV’ers are adamant about living on that separate planet, and they insist that it is vastly superior to the one that the rest of us live on, and that because they live there, they’re much smarter than anyone who merely lives on earth. They refuse to give their planet a name, but they do get ticked off when people call it, “Planet of the Moonbats”, which may be a tip-off as to its identity.

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