Situational Awareness

If you’re going to go to the City of Philadelphia, you have to pay careful attention to your surroundings.

Caught On Tape: Philadelphia Teen Mob Attack:

You would do well to steer clear of groups of young males, even if they look relatively benign on approach. I would no longer worry about seeming racist for crossing the street. That’s the sad reality of the City now. For your own safety, you must assume the group’s intentions are poor, and alter your route. If the group follows you, be prepared to defend yourself quickly and violently.

This is not a dangerous neighborhood. These kinds of attacks are happening all over the city in nice areas, and it’s not going to stop until the city either ruthlessly prosecutes the perpetrators, or someone start shooting these hoodlums in self-defense. I don’t give good odds on the former.

UPDATE: Just realized the Fox video is embeddable.

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  1. Why is it that nationally when a white group beats a black man it is spelled out but we can not reverse the headlines?

    Take this, “Sick White Teens Beat Black Man & Run Him Over for Fun (VIDEO) ”

    But Fox choices not to say that black teens beat this white man, or the gang violence in the streets in Philly were black teens beating ONLY white people? When can we get passed all this!!

  2. You guys don’t even ruthlessly prosecute hardened criminals, so I’d say there’s almost no chance any of these mob attack thugs will be ruthlessly prosecuted. Hell, I bet few if any will be prosecuted at all.

  3. I normally carry a S&W 442 (5 shot snubby).

    When I go into Philly (PA’s anus) I bring my Glock 23 with extra mags. I refuse to bring my wife or child with me into this disgrace of a city.

    I know that if I am forced to defend myself I will be arrested or shot by the Philly PD. I also know that DA Seth Williams will crucify me for having the audacity to defend myself against “his” people. I know that the local papers will call me a racist for defending myself. I don’t care.

    If a mob of unruly “youth” want to attack me they will pay an awful price.

  4. Markie Marxist sez: “We Marxists do a remarkably effective job of encouraging, enabling and coddling our little Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals, don’t we? Hopefully, one of them will grow up and become President of the United States, so that he can apply the same rip off attitude to American capitalism. Oh, wait, that’s already happened, hasn’t it? Ha! Ha! Too late for capitalism! All your capitalism are belong to us!”

  5. I don’t give a shit anymore. I’m not proud of it, but I’m also not ashamed to say that I AM a racist. I have many non-white friends and even family, and I really do care for them as individuals. But when people present themselves as part of a group, I will regard them as such, and all of my negative feelings toward that group will be directed toward these individuals until they give me a reason to regard them as individuals.

    When a pack of hood rats wearing hoodies and with a generally threatening, menacing demeanor approaches me, I will cross the street and begin to draw my weapon. They will not get within 25 feet of me without staring down a barrel.

  6. And I couldn’t help but notice that you advise to steer clear of groups of “young males”. Good advice for the most part, but I suspect you meant something more specific.

    It’s a shame that we can’t state the obvious without fear of being labeled as hateful. Nobody should be singled out by the police (or any government agency) simply for being born of a particular race, but I have the right as a private individual to decide which people to look out for on the street. And I think it’s obvious that the danger comes from black ghetto people for the most part.

  7. There’s plenty of white kids in that city who’ve been brought up admiring thug culture. Making the assumption if the group is white, you have nothing to worry about, strikes me as a mistake. I’m going to be paying a lot more attention to dress and demeanor.

  8. A good point, Sebastian. Demeanor and style of dress are important clues, but I have yet to see a group of “wiggers” or mixed-race gang attack anybody in Philly. And I live in NE Philly, where 99% of the white kids try to act like ghetto blacks.

  9. More important even than dress, is eye contact. Good kids might dress poorly, but they’ll display respect to grown ups if they have been properly raised. If they are staring at you, or your wife, or your pocket with your wallet inside, then they are thugs.

  10. I work in Philly and when I’m out and about, I make no apologies about crossing the street when I see a group of 2 or more young blacks, or two or more hoodlum looking people of any race. It’s not worth the risk to my personal safety to avoid offending people. My safety is worth more than your feelings.

  11. Makes you sick, numbnuts?

    Your school is teaching them to behave as animals. You are just as culpable as they are.

  12. I’ve had the “pleasure” on several occasions to visit the Martin Luther King High School in Philly (work related). Got to observe the kids’ behavior.
    I can tell you that they are not being taught to “behave like animals”. The problem is that the kids have absolutely no respect (or fear, whatever) for teachers. It’s impossible to discipline them given current PC culture conditions.
    What’s needed is to bring in some hard-core Marine DI types and go all Full Metal Jacket on them.
    Better use corporal punishment now instead of capital punishment later. And that should include their patents (if they got any).

    That’s my $0.02 (tax free).

  13. This problem looks like a job for the Nation of Islam! Where are the well-mannered but inflexibly moralistic young men in suits and ties when you need them?

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