Lautenberg Blood Dancing

Didn’t take long:

“This terrorist took the lives of innocent people, including many children, and it’s outrageous that flaws in America’s gun laws may have helped him carry out such a horrific crime,” said Senator Lautenberg.  “Our country cannot be the weapons depot for terrorists and criminals here at home and around the world.  High-capacity magazines are built to shoot and kill people quickly, and they do not belong in the consumer marketplace.”

I wasn’t aware magazines were built to shoot and kill people quickly. I wasn’t aware they were built to shoot at all. Here all along I did not realize a box with a spring and follower in it was a highly refined killing machine.

14 thoughts on “Lautenberg Blood Dancing”

  1. Our country can’t be the weapons depot, but our GOVERNMENT is sure doing a good job of it.

  2. Well, he also used the internet to research and document his crime. We should probably do away with that too. You know, for the children. What’s that? Most internet users aren’t using it to plan deadly attacks? Well then ok then we’ll just keep that one on the warmer. But the magazine ban still makes sense because an infinitesimally small number of magazine users wind up shooting people with them. And besides, it’s not like we have a right to those magazines or anything, like we have to internet access.

  3. Jesus, Frank, just retire already. Everyone is so tired of your BS.
    Politicians like him remain in their positions because people are too damn lazy to get off their asses and vote.
    I live in NJ, and everyone I know keeps complaining, but when I asked them if they’re going to vote, they say no.
    Polling places around here look like a neutron bomb went off – empty, with an occasional straggler here and there (probably just friends and relatives of the candidates)

  4. That hag McCarthy is whining about magazines too as is Japete. When the police take over an hour to show up, it really doesn’t matter how many times he had to reload.

    But they don’t want to waste dead children as the opportunity to push a political agenda. Ghouls.

    I am sure that banning something that shares its technology with a PEZ candy dispenser will help.

  5. The killer was the ONLY man on an island with a gun.
    He had 90 minutes
    A single shot rifle would have done the job
    The U.S. State department controls the export of magazines
    I question the accuracy of the claim he got his magazines imported directly from the U.S.
    High capacity magazines are not built to shoot and kill PEOPLE quickly.
    High capacity magazines are built to shoot multiple rounds before needing to reload. What you shoot is up to the SHOOTER
    Paul in Texas

  6. I really don’t understand all the gun control attention being paid to high-capacity magazines. I especially appreciated what one of my commenters pointed out recently, that these magazine laws would apply to some standard size magazines and not just to those really big ones which hold 30 rounds.

    My opinion is we have much more important and useful battles to fight.The 40% of overall sales each year that happen privately and without a background check is a disgrace and must be the first thing to go. Then I have a mumber of other ideas about licensing and registration and home storage, all more important than the magazine size.

  7. They think they can get a magazine ban. It’s all about incrementalism.

    I don’t know why they think this since the original “ban” didn’t work, and the existing state-level bands don’t work.

    I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that NJ’s “One Gun a Month” law is the final wave crest of the gun control high tide. Still need to drain the water, though

  8. Ian, What the hell are you talking about, “wave crest of the gun control high tide.?” I thought you guys always maintained that you’ve been winning.

  9. Winning battles != winning wars. NJ’s one gun a month was a animals, imho) loss of a battle. Call it the Wacht am Rhein of gun control advocates. A brilliant tactical victory achieved by surprise and complacency on the part of the Allied high command, that was ultimately futile.

    If you prefer more sports metaphors and less Godwin, a field goal by your side when you’re behind by many touchdowns.

  10. Also, “are winning” != “have won,” which was the real point I was trying to make.

  11. My view is that the gun rights side has been enjoying some victories lately which are about to boomerang on ya. Normal people are fed up and can appreciate arguments like mine that blame the gun manufacturers and the FFL guys and you gun owners for the gun violence.

    The scales are tipping and your days are numbered. If I were you I’d stock up a bit more before 2012.

  12. Your side’s last victory was a narrow one, in NJ, against negligible opposition (essentially none at all), and followed by a string of victories for the pro-rights side, and nothing further for your side. We will see…

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