PA Senate Republicans Screwing Us Again

Capitol Ideas is reporting that Senator Joe Scarnati, the top Republican in the PA Senate, has put the brakes on privatizing the state liquor system. He believes the PLCB needs to be given a chance to act more like a private business. You know what makes private businesses act like private businesses, Senator? Competition.

I’m getting to the point I’d rather vote out these soft Republicans in the Senate and replace them with Democrats. What good are they?

5 thoughts on “PA Senate Republicans Screwing Us Again”

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “Nice to see a member of the Party of Capitulation taking the lead on keeping our state-owned, communist, liquor distribution system in place, just like it would have been in the good, ol’ Soviet Union. Apparently, Republicans can be useful for more than just putting up token resistance to keep the masses placated as we communize America. PA’s communist liquor distribution system serves as a model for how we would like all goods to be distributed in the US. Now, if we could just work on nationalizing the production of goods, liquor too, we’d be doing just fine. However, for now, all your liquor stores are belong to us! At least in PA, anyway. Ha! Ha!”

  2. Soft Republicans are worse than Democrats because they attempt to maintain the illusion of a difference, and they have voting power.

  3. I believe a RINO is worse than a liberal Democrat because the the former undermines conservative Republicans whereas the latter does not. For example, I think all conservatives and the Republican party would be better off if the two RINO senators from Maine were replaced by Democrats.

  4. Get an insurgency up, its a lot of work but you can kick out these terrible candidates.

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