6 thoughts on “Law Dog on Canton Video”

  1. “If you can not handle that traffic stop in the video…”

    The CCW holder wasn’t John Dillinger, but if he had been, he would have laughed at that pair of fools before he killed both of them.

  2. Cop is not a profession.

    First of all, a professional “professes”.

    Professors are the best professors.

    Clergymen are second best.

    Lawyers and politicians I suppose must be account professors of the profession of law.

    Cops profess nothing but their innocence.

    Cop is a skilled or semiskilled trade depending on one’s specific job.

    There is something else intrinsic to a a profession:

    A profession is self-regulating.

    That’s about settles it, n’est-ce pas?

  3. I think BOTH cops should be fired. The first a-hole for obvious reasons, and the second FOP (Fool on Patrol) for not taking the first aside and telling him he needs to calm down and act like a professional or he will report his actions.

    I was pulled over for speeding several years ago, I told the officer I was licensed to carry and I had a gun on me, he asked where it was, and I told him in a holster on my right hip and asked him how he wanted to precede. He said as long as it stays in the holster he’s good with it.

  4. It’s hard to see how the arrested driver could have been more polite, compliant and inoffensive. This cop needs to have his badge pulled, and should be facing assault charges for the threats to “cave in your head,” “shoot you in the mouth.” Not a credit to his profession, or species.

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