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I’ve been intrigued by the Chiappa revolver design for a while, even though the name almost sounds like you’d expect it to arrive with a kit where you rub dirt all over the barrel and sprinkle little seeds on top. Could be a revolutionary new finish, though I’m sure Bloomberg would find time to complain about it. The “green” marketing practically writes itself though. It could be a gun for hippies.

But speaking seriously of the Chiappa, Shelley, over at gun nuts, does reviews on guns they put out for rental at the shop she works at. This strikes me as a good way to find out whether a pistol holds up to abuse or not. Unfortunately, her review of the Chiappa Rhino isn’t as good as I had hoped, though it’s possible she just got a lemon. Every company will put out a bad gun every once in a while. Have you had experience with the Chiappa revolver? If so, what’s your experience?

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  1. The bad trigger/firing pin is something I had read about before from another owner. If I remember right, they had contacted Chiappa about it and they were going to work on either the stock model or make an upgrade kit.

    It sounds like it’ll turn out well if they can solve those issues, it’s on my wish list for next year.

  2. Once the bugs are worked out it’s going to be the first new firearm I’ll ever buy. The design is great and the profile will allow a more concealed and comfortable carry.

  3. I believe they’ve got a first Gen. At NRAAM I handled two batches of Rhinos.

    One has the gazillion pound triple action hammer. The latter was reasonable.

    Later I spoke with a Chiappa rep. She informed me that the first batch was an earlier design. Thesecond batch featured number of refinements.

  4. I checked out a stainless steel Chiappa Rhino revolver at one gun shop I went to earlier this month. What seemed really funky to me about this revolver is that the cylinder had a hexagonal shape. I was told that this helps to make the revolver’s profile flatter for concealment purposes.

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