A Few More Things About Rahm’s Ordinance

A few things I think I missed in the Rahm BS Gun Range Ordinance:

  • It seems to require individual employees hold an FFL, or at the least the shooting facility itself to have one, yet a shooting facility, under the set rules, can’t transfer guns to patrons except on a temporary basis for Chicago’s required training. Will ATF issue an FFL for a shooting range that does not sell or rent guns?
  • ATF requires that you comply with local zoning regulations. Chicago’s regulations make it unlawful to operate a shooting range without a license anywhere in the city, but you can’t get that license without an FFL. Can you get the FFL without the license?
  • It seems to require that range masters receive firearms training, which begs the question of how you become the first range in Chicago, which means you need to leave the city, which is the whole point of Ezell in the first place.
  • The language for disqualification for a license to operate a shooting range facility says “has ever been convicted, or found liable in an administrative adjudication, of a felony, a misdemeanor involving a firearm, or any other law concerning the manufacture, possession or sale of firearms…” By the “administrative adjudication” standard, I believe someone could be denied a license to operate for a single violation of this ordinance.
  • If you’re leasing space, and the landlord is a felon, or has committed some minor infraction with a gun, or commits such afterwards, you will lose your license to operate the range.
  • The law defines “applicant” as “any person who is required to be disclosed pursuant to section 4-151-030(b), but in 4-151-030(b), the requirements for who has to sign the application are nonsensical, since it has to be signed and verified by oath of affidavit, by the applicant, but the applicant is anyone required to be disclosed. The requirement on who must be disclosed is lengthy. Who is the one who has to sign and verify the application?

4 thoughts on “A Few More Things About Rahm’s Ordinance”

  1. I will put money down most of the general requirements in this license app can be seen in other license apps. What even the gun friendly folks fail to realize is that without strict scrutiny of all laws on the books, there are a lot of bad laws on the books, especially local town and city ordinances.

    I am betting that cabbies, peddlers and other less than desirables in the windy city have a lot of other absurdly broad requirements on the books that are rarely enforced. What the city council hasn’t gotten through their thick skull is they can’t treat anything to do with guns nearly as bad as they treat their typical constituent.

  2. Why isn’t it a crime to infringe the right to keep and bear arms? Put Rahmie the Commie and his Chicago City Council in prison. Either elected officials respect the constitutional rights of Americans, or they get locked up and fined. Are our rights just a bunch of crap to be ignored whenever they please, or does our Constitution mean something? People didn’t die fighting for our freedom, so that a bunch of Chicago s***heads could spit on it and laugh at us.
    The Second Amendment doesn’t need teeth, it needs fangs!
    Make infringement a violation of federal law that results in heavy fines and long prison terms for these lawless thugs! Rahm can bunk with Blago and George Ryan in federal prison. He should feel right at home with his fellow criminal politicians from Illinois. I’d rather see him stripped of his citizenship and permanently exiled to Gitmo; I’d rather see him stood up in front of a firing squad. I’m being very reasonable in only asking that we merely criminalize infringement and then apply our usual wimpy, limp-wristed, bland, milquetoast standard of justice to which America has devolved. Is that asking too much? No, it’s not.

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