Dangerous Common Sense

Call up Ladd again. I found even more of the insurrectionist propaganda directed at children and trying to turn their poor impressionable minds against those who want to restrict liberty.

Here’s a sampling of the dangerous lyrics hidden in this propaganda: “Like Thomas Paine once wrote:/It’s only common sense/That if a government won’t give you your basic rights/You’d better get another government.”

This video also shows why CSGV needs to add fireworks on their list of things to ban. They are used to celebrate dangerous ideas and history that is best re-written for the good of their political agenda.

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Common Sense”

  1. Maybe they’ll add flag to the list of things they want to ban. They don’t have a flag. Only crazy people with dangerous ideas would dare carry a flag.

  2. I don’t know how old you and Sebastian are but I am guessing you are younger than your mid 40’s so probably do not remember the Spirit of 1976. Forgive me if I am wrong.

    Our Bicentennial year gave us far more than cool quarters and half-dollars, it also gave us a year of the greatest bout of patriotism that will probably never be seen again. Along with it and shows like your clip, schools actually had a two year long program of education surrounding the War for Independence. I was in a school play where we actually carried muskets. Thy even dusted off Johnny Tremain and showed it in grade schools across the country. Now half of what they taught us then would be considered subversive in schools. Drawing the scene of The Boston Massacre at school would probably get you suspended or even expelled.

    I showed Johnny Tremain to my kids this weekend and they loved it. They even went around singing “We are the sons of liberty”. Little subversives!

    I bet you couldn’t find 1 in 100 school kids now that could tell you what the Liberty Tree was.

    1. Heh, yeah, we’re too young. Sebastian is too young to really remember. I was not only not born, but I don’t even think my parents had met by that time. :)

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