Last Day of Work

Today is my last day on the job. I will receive my last paycheck, along with a generous severance. Despite being short on things to do for the past few days, I do have one last task I need to do today. Next Tuesday I will do something I’ve never done in my life, which is file for unemployment. Because my entrepreneurial adventure has definitely fallen through (for now), I will begin my job search then as well.

Ten years ago I was 27, and this was an entrepreneurial adventure for me then, as I was one of the early employees. It’s only fitting I should be among its last. I survived through a lot of bad times, and I have to admit, looking back, it was mostly bad times. It was an A+ idea turned over to a D- management team, who proceeded to essentially blow through millions of dollars without ever giving the A+ idea a chance. We shed the D students a few years ago, but it was too late. I still want to give that A+ idea a chance, but I now have no money to do so.

It makes one wonder how many revolutionary ideas have been lost in the course of human events because they people who were tasked with developing and nurturing those ideas were complete morons with no understanding or appreciation for the idea or the people who created it. That might accurately describe our country, sadly, but my involvement in politics and this company is because I don’t accept that outcome gracefully.

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  1. It’s time to fulfill your true destiny: Professional Blogger.

    Quick! To the Batcave!

  2. A lot of good ideas are lost when entrusted to morons. Sometimes through poor choices by upper management, sometimes through poor choices at the voting booth.

    But seriously … good luck! The IT job situation really isn’t as bad as other areas if you can’t make a prosperous living on SFIH alone …

  3. Well best of luck

    I was shown the door 2 1/2 years ago, after 27 years no severance, ( i can get my vested retirement in 2 1/2 years) and I didn’t apply for unemployment. just started doing more classes, and still paying the bills.

    But you are young and smart, you will do fine, you have drive and a good head on your shoulders, and a fine lady beside you.

  4. Interesting question you posted at the end there. The company I’ve been with for the past few years is about to break up due to the same D- moron issue too. I’m hoping I can carry over what I learned into my own thing as I have an A+ idea in its birth cycle. Let’s hope I can avoid the D- people.

    What have you learned from this? Using the 20/20 hindsight vision, what do you think could have prevented the D minus students from taking over?

  5. What have you learned from this? Using the 20/20 hindsight vision, what do you think could have prevented the D minus students from taking over?

    Don’t raise huge sums of money VCs just because you can. Especially not VCs who then insist on “adult” leadership. Adult leadership that will proceed to oust the founders of the company.

    In our case, our VCs insisted on having people with pharma experience run the company. They proceeded to pick people who came from the industry that did not have track records of producing anything, and then they fired the CEO that raised all the money, and replace him with someone who, to be charitable, was way out of his league.

    Be careful what VCs you take money from, would by my advice.

  6. Well, that sucks. Just saw where a startup company got a few million for the “next” miracle drug. It’s in Austin. If you are interested, check in the business section for the last few days. We don’t have snow down here, but we have pretty good weather and NO state income tax.

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