Signs of Discord at Brady

Dave Hardy reports this interesting tidbit:

Even after deciding to leave his role as president, Helmke said he still wanted to stay with the Brady Campaign. He said that he and the organization could not agree on a suitable role, however, so the two sides mutually decided to part ways.

So basically, his previously agreed upon term was up, and they did not appear to want to renew. The question would be is Helmke’s expense a problem? It very well may be. Or is it possible they are unhappy with his leadership?

As an objective critique, I don’t think Helmke was a bad spokesman for the group, but I never got the impression he had a whole lot of passion for the cause. I would imagine, in looking for a replacement, the Brady Campaign is going to want someone with a bit of fire in the belly. Not the kind of fire that can get your Twitter account suspended, but someone who can fire up people like Joan Peterson and get them to open up their checkbooks.

They probably don’t have the money for someone like Daley or Rendell, as I’ve seen some speculating about. Even if they did, Daley and Rendell are both the kind of guys who revel in the spotlight. I can’t see them spending their time as just another small cog in the D.C. machine.

Remember that whoever replaces Helmke probably needs to be a particularly good fundraiser. Colin Goddard strikes me as someone who’s inexperienced, and not connected in that kind of way. If the speculation that he’d be next in line is correct, I’m going to suggest a Brady deathwatch, because that tells me they can’t afford or recruit anyone with experience in the areas they desperately need.

10 thoughts on “Signs of Discord at Brady”

  1. Paul was previously meeting with Obama to try and enact further gun restrictions “under the radar”. Could the truth about the Gunwalker scandal, coupled with his sudden departure be somehow related?

  2. A goodly number of House members got the boot in 2010, and a goodly number more will be looking for work in 2012. Until the democratic party is riding high again, they’ll be plenty of fundraisers needing work.

  3. “they’ll hand the reigns to Colin Coddard or his old man.”

    Ha! Letting Colin be in charge would be stupid. Giving it to Japete would be idiotic. Handing it to Papa Goddard would be suicidal. He’s openly bigoted in the way only a upper class Brit can be.

  4. @SayUncle

    I believe you. I’ve always had that impression as well. But to me it begs the question: what kind of person do you have to be to advocate restricting human freedom and criminalizing victimless behavior as a day job? To me, that’a almost worse than being a passionate believer.

  5. I’ll take the job. I will work at it as hard as the guys at the SEC do, which is to say watching porn all day. Believe me, everyone would be better off. I’d get a paycheck, Brady wouldn’t get any flak for being anti-rights, and everyone’s freedom would be quite safe. And I could funnel off the Joyce foundation’s money in persuit of good rum and fast cars. I promise not to buy a gun with their money. It’d be a win for everyone, especially me. Also I could get in range of Colin and Dad for the nutshot of the century. Seriously, I’m with Patton. Cowards shouldn’t be allowed to pollute our gene pool.

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