Massachusetts Gun Control Leaders Ousted from Other Groups

Hey, when it comes to gay rights groups who hire former Massachusetts senators who partially made gun control a huge part of their political careers, well, they are 2 for 2 in being ousted amid “management differences.”

In the first case of Cheryl Jacques, she lasted a whooping 11 months after considering it “a difference in management philosophy” that Human Rights Campaign went 0-11 on gay rights ballot initiatives under her watch. In the second case of Jarrett Barrios, he just resigned after it came out that he cut a deal with AT&T for GLAAD to advocate for policies completely unrelated to their mission in exchange for donations. He must have been going for a record since he doubled Cheryl’s time with clocking an entire 22 months with the organization before scandal erupted.

So might I suggest to the boards of these organizations that former politicians who make their political careers on low hanging fruit (like gun control in Massachusetts) may not be the best folks to lead national organizations that actually have to consider real strategy and not piss off grassroots members. Just a suggestion.

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