Losing a Gun Rights Leader in the House

Well this is startling news.

Oklahoma Rep. Dan Boren (D) won’t seek reelection in 2012, a Democratic source in the state told The Ballot Box.

Boren, the only Democrat in Oklahoma’s five-seat House delegation, will announce his decision at a press conference in Muskogee, his hometown, according to The Oklahoman.

The decision came as a surprise to Oklahoma Democrats and threatens the party’s ability to hold the Republican-leaning seat.

“I never had any idea that he was not planning to run for reelection,” said Wallace Collins, the state party chairman.

Rep. Boren is a member of the NRA Board of Directors, and I’ve seen him out on a gun range before. He will be missed in that seat.

For a bit of good news on this front, the likely replacement for the Democratic nomination on the ballot according to the article also has an A rating from NRA.

4 thoughts on “Losing a Gun Rights Leader in the House”

  1. Good riddance I say. The guy only had a lifetime rating of 49 from the ACU, not like he was a conservative stalwart.

  2. His ACU rating doesn’t really matter here. We’re more concerned about the loss of his leadership on gun rights. We are so crazy to believe that the Second Amendment isn’t about partisan politics.

  3. The only reason he had the spot is because of his name. Now we get to turn the entire State of OK red.

    Boren was great on gun issues. In fact, he was a stalwart opponent of the pelousy machine. But he was still a demoncrap. And refused to stand up and say so. Just like his dad. Demoncraps are a bird of a feather that flock together. He was no different.

  4. “machine. But he was still a demoncrap. And refused to stand up and say” he was against the pelousy machine! Daddy would have beat his a$$.

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