Bob Mensch Appealing Conviction in I-78 Incident

So reports Capitol Ideas. Mensch was convicted of disorderly conduct for displaying a handgun to another motorist during a running confrontation down I-78. Mensch denies displaying the gun, claiming the driver mistook a cell phone for a gun. We have a photo of Senator Mensch’s cell phone, so you can see that it’s an easy mistake to make.

All kidding aside, we wish Senator Mensch good luck on his appeal.

3 thoughts on “Bob Mensch Appealing Conviction in I-78 Incident”

  1. If this appeal is heard by Judge Sprecher, Judge in Berks, it will no doubt be overturned.

  2. Even “trained professional police” are guilty of mistaking all sorts of things for guns and then blowing holes in people. Its not hard to believe one of us “ignorant peasants” might make the same mistake, less the blowing holes in people….

  3. Seems to me to be one mans word against another. What proof does the man who says he saw it have? A video? A picture? Proof, not here say is what is needed.

    In the preliminary finding, I was surprised by the judges finding.

    Oh well, there are good reasons why I am not a lawyer.

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