Concealed Carry Welcome

A South Carolina man has developed a sticker for businesses who are concealed carry-friendly to post to counter those businesses who post against carry. In all likelihood, many business owners just haven’t really thought about the issue one way or another. Most probably realize that if a customer who is lawfully carrying concealed comes in, it doesn’t matter one way or the other since they’ll never know or need a reason a to care. If someone comes in with the intent of using a gun illegally, a sign won’t stop them. I wouldn’t hold it against a business if they simply opted not to put up any signs on the issue.

6 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Welcome”

  1. As a graphics-guy I give it two thumbs-up! It’s subtle enough to escape the mad-hatter anti-gunners, but be recognized by in-the-know carry people, and crooks.
    Crooks like to stay abreast of this kinda thing since it’s a jeopardy issue for them and they believe they’re clever about that..
    And her voice grates on rocks, with a cadence of, “how smart I am”…

  2. I would predict that businesses with the sticker would be more likely to be successful because of increased customer loyalty.

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