Restaurant Carry Bill in Ohio

Our opponents are already in hysterics over the bill, and appear to be conceding the Senate vote on the matter, and are appealing directly to Governor Kasich by asking him to veto it. This is good.

This weekend I took advantage of Virginia’s new restaurant carry provisions, and somehow, by some miracle, managed to avoid consuming alcohol while carrying as prescribed by law, and managed to avoid shooting up the place. That’s in contrast to back home in Pennsylvania, where you can have a glass of wine with dinner while carrying. Clearly back home I’m shooting up restaurants on a regular basis, along with all my other fellow 600,000 LTC holders in the Commonwealth.

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Carry Bill in Ohio”

  1. Wow… 600,000. Ohio only has 200,000 but I’m working on it!

    And yes, it looks like it is being fast tracked back through the senate and the governor has said he will sign. “They” are saying maybe this week.

    Can’t wait to not have to store my easily stolen firearm in my car when I take the wife to our local eateries.

  2. Geez, come over to Indiana and have a beer.

    As I’ve cried out before, can we bury Carrie Nation already?

    There’s nothing wrong with drinking a beer and carrying a pistol (or rifle, shotgun, whatever). No children or kittens will burst into flame if you have a beer while carrying.

    Why cannot states like Virginia or Ohio realize that every day Hoosiers drink beer while carrying and absolutely nothing happens.

  3. I’m right there with you Shootin’ Buddy, but unfortunately the political climate in Ohio is such that allowing the consumption of alcohol while carrying will not get enough votes to pass. If such an allowance had been in HB45 it would have failed.

  4. +1 on the responsible drinking in Minnesota. Law says stay under .04% & you’re ok. My personal opinion is I’d rather face a responsible citizen carrying with .03 than a random person driving at 1 am with a .07 (or .20).

    Of course, if you are involved in an otherwise clean DGU and the prosecuting attorney or plaintiff’s atty find you had even one drink, they will work it for all it’s worth. It could cost you a lot of “time” and/or money.

  5. BornLib is completely correct. There were enough of them having to be reminded that it *wasn’t* about mixing guns and alcohol and it was still touch and go.

  6. It will be good to finally have restaurant carry–assuming that they don’t all just post “No Weapons” signs, that is.

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