Tactical Blackberry Case

Over at the Exurban League, they find some creative uses for an old blackberry case. The only problem with this method is that I actually have this appendage on my belt and it carries an iPhone. The other side, where I’d keep a reload, currently houses a Leatherman multi-tool, which I can’t really live without. But it’s an interesting idea I may have to consider.

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  1. Neat idea. Depending on your holster and carry style you could even hang your “blackberry” pouch so that it hides the holster loops.

  2. Ends up the SOG multi-tool mollie pouch also fits a 1911 mag perfectly. I have an extra pouch that I got to carry my folding knife and i just clip my knife into my pocket and carry a spare mag in that. Just have one pouch on each hip, multi-tool on the right, mag and light on the left.

  3. Sorry, I gotta say this and it’s going to offend a lot of people.

    Guys, get the crap off your belt. You have pockets, use them. You don’t need to hang phones, keys, flashlights, glasses on your belt. It’s becoming so silly that some people look like they need a duty belt to keep all that crap held up. Put that crap in your pockets and/or trim down on your office duty gear that you think you need and don’t really need.

  4. Yeah and stop carrying those guns! I mean I’ve managed all my life without having to shoot or draw down on somebody, so why bother lug this silly 1911 around.

    David I must say I prefer carrying in my shoulder rig under a shirt with breast pockets because when my pocket gun soaks up one pocket I suddenly need to do sub optimal things like stuff my keys in my back pocket (and sit on them! OWWW!) and double-up my cellphone with my wallet making the pocket even more crowded and making retrieving either a chore.

    I don’t wear belts so I don’t have that batbelt look, but if I did, I’d totally hang lots of stuff off of it just to free up pocket space.

  5. My Million Mom March fanny pack fits a 642 with several speedloaders perfectly.

  6. Should we all carry pry bars, just in case will ever need to pry something open? The office duty belt is just too funny. First we stopped wearing suits, then ties went away, now it’s hanging things from our belts as some sort of office commando style.

    It’s actually pretty funny, it’s funny that there are so many grown men out there who can’t dress themselves.

    Belt and shoe color should match
    You don’t need suspenders and a belt
    A short sleeve shirt with a tie says “I bought this at WalMart”, “I work at NASA” or “I teach high school math”
    You don’t wear white socks with a suit or dress pants.
    Yes, you have to wash and iron (or dry clean) a dress shirt before you wear it, or you look like a tic tac toe board
    Body jewelry is for women

  7. Oh, let’s see, do I want to:

    A: Go without belt cases for my phone & iPod and stick them in my pocket to satisfy some would-be fashion maven on the Internet; or
    B: Minimize the risk of said gadgets going through the washer because I accidentally forgot to empty my pockets, thereby requiring a substantial outlay of cash I don’t have to replace them?

    Tough choice there. Let me think about that.

  8. The only thing I have on my belt is a 12′ tape measure. (I am restoring my house, so having a tape measure at hand whenever I need it (which is often) is rather valuable.) It was kind of funny when I wore it while visiting a new church – habit can be strong – and got jests about me seeing how they “measured up.”

  9. I’ve been wanting a cell phone carrier with an added mag pouch for a while now. Carry your spare right out in plain sight where nobody would ever notice.

  10. I get the “Get the crap off your belt” idea. I carry my iPhone in my pocket for just this reason.


    The reason why I thought up the Tactical Blackberry Caseâ„¢ is because I was playing pocket pool with my reload mag during a real-world drill on the range, and I needed a way to carry a reload that was inconspicuous, consistent and accessible.

    Now, could I have gone with an IWB or in-pocket mag pouch? Sure. But those cost $20 and up, while this solution is cheap and readily available at Wal-Marts around the world.

    Will I carry a mag in that pouch all the time? Probably not. But if I want to, I can.

  11. Mini-pry bar goes in the briefcase/bag (with the multi-tool if you actually don’t use it that much). ;)

    I distinguish between things I have on me, with me (off body carry) and in the car. That tends to lighten my personal load. I’ve seldom needed to quick draw a pair of pliers.

    I’m very sympathetic to your position though, being prepared doesn’t mean you have to dress inappropriately (in my opinion) casually. For instance, I actually like wearing sport coats (if the climate allows) due to the extra pockets they give me.

    Now that pleated pants are more or less gone and the material in modern suits is typically too thin to hang properly and cover pocket bulges the options even for well-dressed men are limited. A smart phone is a “necessity” nowadays but they don’t fit comfortably in many pockets due to bulk and weight. I certainly don’t want to sit on mine and break the damn thing.

    Because of that it is more or less “normal” to have one or two pouches on the belt* even in an office enviropnment. Add in the gun and spare ammo and you have a “bat belt” no matter what. There’s only so many sacrifices you can make to “classic style”.

    * – Though guys, if it’s a leather belt, get pouches that are leather as well, and if you have the scratch get one in brown/cordovan and one in black as they, the belt and the leather shoes grown men should wear while not actively doing wet or outdoorsy things (in my opinion) should match.

  12. Thought I don’t own one, I always thought those cases would make a dandy inconspicuous semi-holster for the Ruger LCP or the Kel-Tec. It would open carry but not OPEN CARRY.

  13. I’ve never quite understood why more “concealment” holsters don’t have squared off bottoms to look more like phone pouches, insulin pump pouches, etc.

  14. the pistolero:

    Once upon a time people told you to ditch the fanny pack. If you’ve walking around with all the office commando gear hanging on your belt, you’re the punch line of a lot of jokes as you’re wearing the new fanny pack So, please add more stuff. In fact, add a second phone and maybe some keys that don’t have locks. Then you can be one of the “look at me I have two phones and lots of keys on my belt so I must be important guys.”

    People who lack style never seem to get it, even when they’re laughed at.

  15. LOL, David, we’re in different worlds. I work in a lab with only dress code for safety. (No open toe shoes, no shorts, tie back long hair, and no contact lenses) so otherwise I dress like a hobo in my sweatshirt and jeans. I also wear some LL Bean moccasins in the lab just for hygenic reasons.

    I will mention that my surgical gown, matches my non-slip shoe covers, surgical mask and hair cover.

    I do know how to tie a tie, but it always takes me a few tries the 2-3X per year I wear one. :)

  16. I’ve been carrying my P3AT in a HP PDA case for years–works great. I’ve only had one person recognize it’s a gun.

    No modifications, just a bit of heavy-duty foam cut to fit around the grip, trigger guard, and under side of barrel to hold it in proper orientation.

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