8 thoughts on “SAF Filing Suit in Virginia on Behalf of DC Resident”

  1. I’m sure the Brady Center and MAIG will be glad to join SAF in this lawsuit, since neither of them are opposed to lawful firearms ownership, they say.

  2. One day we will discover that Alan Gura is a robot sent back from the future to protect the rights of all sentient beings.

  3. This bookends with the SAF suit on behalf of the US citizen non-resident (lives abroad) who is prevented by GCA ’68 law from purchasing a handgun for self-defense of his residence when he’s in country due to not having an official state of residence.

    I think the anti’s are facing another put up or shut up moment, they wanted and got a national background check and mandatory stqate reporting of prohibited persons so now they have to deal with the logic of it.

    “Instant background check availability” means any gun from any FFL anywhere I happen to be.

  4. “because the only FFL in the city has stopped doing business.”

    Sugarmann and the VPC are defunct? Awesome.

  5. You know, if the government can require federally licensed pharmacists to sell RU-486 (or whatever) as part of the right to abortion regardless of the wishes of the pharmacist; could they require Josh to now actually provide transfer services to facilitate the RKBA as he is the only licensed game in town?

    And no misusing that 4473 data there Josh.


  6. The law needs to change – at the very least, police departments should be forced to do transfers at actual cost for all non-prohibited persons.

    I don’t have a problem with a private citizen refusing to sell a gun or do a transfer because the buyer looks sketchy, but if a legal buyer can’t get anyone to sell him a gun, that is clearly discrimination.

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