Suppressors on Mythbusters

Airing this Wednesday. I’m wondering what myth they are busting, exactly? Maybe that silencers actually make a gun silent, rather than just quieter? If you need any more evidence to believe that suppressors are going mainstream, this is it.

8 Responses to “Suppressors on Mythbusters”

  1. BrokenTrace says:

    My personal opinion on why they were controlled in the first place was because they look evil, as the anits would say.

    I consider it a safety device for myself and those around me. I would really hate to damage the hearing of my wife and kids in a defense situation.

  2. Patrick says:

    I own several and you still need ear pro with full-speed factory loaded ammo. The closest I have gotten to true hearing safe is an Osprey 9 in a Glock 19 with Fiocchi subsonic 9mm ammo. Shooting that combo I could maybe avoid ear pro for a short time.

    Nothing in a rifle caliber is safe regardless of the suppressor.

    Note I do not include .22lr in any of this because I do not consider it a real man’s caliber. ;)

  3. beatbox says:

    Mythbusters has done more “de-demonize” guns than any other organization (and in SF to boot!).

  4. Ronnie says:

    Perhaps those “Mythbuster” TV people can use their show to bust the myth that there was ever actually a reason to put federal and state legal restrictions on silencers in the first place.

    I have read somewhere that a supposed reason to include silencers in the NFA of 1934 was to deter poaching during the Great Depression years, but as Patrick already wrote in his post above at #2, silencers aren’t much good with rifle-type ammunition, and subsonic .22 LR cartridges could never drop the types of big game animals that are prone to poaching, like deer, bear, elk, etc.

  5. beat says:

    If silencers were over the counter, I guarantee they immediately become ghetto bling.

  6. Diomed says:

    “subsonic .22 LR cartridges could never drop the types of big game animals that are prone to poaching, like deer, bear, elk, etc.”

    Never say never.

  7. Ronnie says:

    @ beat: Only if the silencers were garishly decorated would they likely ever become “ghetto bling” as you called it.

    @ Diomed: Let us know when you’ve bagged a 700+ grizzly with a silenced .22 LR rifle, that is, if you don’t get mauled to death by that same bear first.

  8. Diomed says:

    Deer get bagged with subsonic .22 regularly. I can’t speak to the others, but hey, I’m not the one who made the statement that included deer.