It’s the Megan McCain Conspiracy

Some days it’s just too easy to mock our opponents:

The funny thing is, given that it’s the Violence Policy Center, it’s hard to tell whether they just tweeted poorly, or think this whole gun rights thing is just a huge conspiracy between NRA, the gun industry, and Megan McCain.

4 thoughts on “It’s the Megan McCain Conspiracy”

  1. Where do I begin? First, what is a “semi-assault rifle”? Is that the new ugly phrase for the standard .22 rifle that I shoot, since it has a magazine and each new bullet load automatically after I miss the target with the last shot, until I have to re-load the magazine?

    Second, Since when is Meghan McCain a spokeswoman for the NRA, or for the 2nd Amendment?

    And, 3rd, I’m really confused. This “Rachel Maddow” person is new to me. Is Rachel a man with a woman’s name, or a woman who does her best to look like a man, or what the heck is he/she/it? The more I looked and listened to “Rachel Maddow,” the less certain I was. And I’m not even trying to joke about that. I could not tell whether it was a male or a female. Because of the name, I’ll guess that’s it’s a female with no breasts and no hips and who cuts her hair really short and dresses like a male, but I’m not sure.

  2. Is Ms. McCain a bit…mentally challenged? Way to shoot fish in a barrel, Ms. Maddow: pick a very weak advocate for firearms rights to “debate.”

    I’d like to see her try that with Bitter or Breda or Tam. Or me.

    And Meagan, until you can at least use terminology that appears to make sense? Shut up. Shut the hell up. You’re not helping. Geez. Okay with magazine bans. Okay with keeping so-called “assault rifles” in the closet. With friends like her, who needs enemies?

    (Also, is their interplay weirdly like something from a 1950s “cautionary” novel for young women? I guess the statistically-tiny sample of gay women I know had caused me to think the the smart pushy butch/dim compliant femme thing was a just dreadful stereotype).

  3. “this whole gun rights thing is just a huge conspiracy between NRA, the gun industry, and Megan McCain.”

    Well given that there really isn’t any gun control groups that aren’t the Brady Campaign, or the Joyce Foundation, maybe they think the 2nd Amendment is just an opposite conspiracy.

    BTW its a fun game to count how many different Joyce Foundation groups one Joyce Foundation shill will cite to “Support” their arguments.

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