Thank You, Mr. President

I’m glad the White House finally put the birther nonsense to rest. Of course, it won’t work, and that’s probably the point. From what I’ve seen from e-mails forwarded around the Boomersphere, I think our parents’ generation has lost all ability to distinguish truth from falsity, so shortly I expect to see e-mails circulating, quoting a number of non-existent experts that point out all the reasons the long form birth certificate released by the White House is a forgery, tagged with FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE A REAL AMERICAN in giant, blinking neon letters, maybe bordered with some animated graphics.

My apologies to you baby boomer readers who know better, and who laugh at this stuff as much as I do. Obviously I generalize, but behind every stereotype is a grain of truth somewhere. Laugh all you want. You know it’s true.

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  1. Regardless of where he popped outa his mommy, Obama isn’t an American. Sure he’s a citizen, and maybe even natural born, but anybody who spent his formidable years in Indonesia doesn’t think like an American. He views himself as more of a citizen of the world than of America. But what do I know, I’ll just sit here in western PA clinging to my guns and religion while cowering in the corner terrified of people that are not like me.

  2. At least now he can renew his passport without issues. ;)

    And I agree with Greg, his formidable years are long behind him.

  3. There is little more on the table now than when the short form BC was issued in 07.

    I think the damage is done. That he tried so hard to keep from releasing a completely innocuous document, it appears, is inexplicable unless you start wondering about what a man is thinking to undertake such a ploy. Just for publicity? Finally just to make some loudmouth look stupid? Just another head fake?

    Junior has just raised other questions, which actually have more to do with who he is, his character and mindset. He acted pretty clever at his presser, but I think he missed the point. I am worried less about his citizenship than I am about his credulity, and I have less faith on seeing this document than if he had kept it hidden. Too clever by half, I think.

  4. Obama would like to run against Trump. This is a well-timed first move to try to give Trump better standing in the GOP.

  5. Actually I think most Americans will view the issue as settled. Remember it was not framed in the MSM as about natural born status. It got reduced to merely “show the cert” long ago. He’s now done that.

    If opponents and critics keep on the issue ma and pa kettle are likely to view that as moving the goalposts by weirdos.

    Now all those like Palin who said “Well -I- am sane and don’t doubt his citizenship but Trump et al have a right to ask and why don’t you just show it (ie what are you really hiding? -sotto voce-) will have to come out against the birthers as Pres Obama has now done exactly what was said needed to begone to end the birther issue.

    From here on out if a.candidate even mentions it they will be hammered in the press, further they will account for and repudiate their previous statements in every unfriendly interview.

  6. “Formidable years.” You guys kill me.

    And Sebastian, if it’s any consolation, willful (even joyful) ignorance is nothing new … nothing new at all. We can only wish it would diminish, instead of increase. Sigh.

  7. Why did he not do this before? Because it was useful to him to keep the “issue” alive. He could point to the loony birthers and paint, by association, all Republicans as nutters.

    That he’s released it now means only that he believes the political calculation favors him in doing so.

  8. “Why did he not do this before? Because it was useful to him to keep the “issue” alive. He could point to the loony birthers and paint, by association, all Republicans as nutters. ”

    Hmmm. It was a CONSPIRACY to make conspiracy theorists look bad, and to make sane Republicans look like conspiracy theorists?

    Evidence of THAT conspiracy should make conspiracy theorists look good, and sane Republicans too, by association. All we need are the tapes of the Oval Office discussion in the last week or so where they decided time was right, but Obama will deny they exist!

  9. a conspiracy to make conspiracy theorists look stupid, and to make sane questioners to look like (stupid) conspiracy theorists – That’s soviet-style misdirection at work – and it worked and The Mediaz carried buckets of water. From all this you know where he gets his lesson-plan anyhow.
    But what’s with all the weird shit in the .pdf file? As an Illustrator-guy the layers explanation doesn’t wash because where’s the bitmap interpretation of the seal, and why are only three things re-interpreted in layers – the dates and the occupation?

  10. I always wondered if the issue with the bc was that his mom was white… Might the bc state something other that african-american (or black) under the race category? Either way, I’d have thought it was a no-starter…

  11. “Why didn’t he do this before?”

    Obama has witheld tons of information. We’ve never seen his grades at any level (remember people making fun of Bush and Kerry’s C’s at Yale?), no chance to read his Senior Thesis, never seen what cases he worked on at the law firm, very little about his days in Indonsia, etc…

    While making it a big fight to extract anything, even his birth certificate, he continues to hide other stuff – I’m guessing mediocre grades and neo-Marxist ramblings.

  12. “Hmmm. It was a CONSPIRACY to make conspiracy theorists look bad, and to make sane Republicans look like conspiracy theorists?”

    It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. All Obama would have had to do was to see the ruckus made about it, and then go along. Now, for whatever reason, he decided to lay it to rest–or perhaps, to stoke it, depending on what he thinks birthers will do with his announcement–by releasing his birth certificate.

    To me, the problem isn’t whether or not Obama is natural-born, it’s “Why the heck did we elect a communist to be president in the first place?!?” The answer, of course, is “Oh yeah, he was running against a socialist. There was no way that things could have come out well.”

  13. “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” Mr. Obama said.

    Oh man … that’s pretty good right there.

  14. Using the birthers as a foil only works when your own side is engaged and willing to fight. Currently that’s not the case for Obama. Given that, it’s better to take some of the wind out of your opponent’s sails by putting to rest something that fires a significant number of people up.

  15. Yes, oh thank you Mr. President if it wan’t for you Dandruff flakes would have looked like the biggest fools today by asking to boycott Primanti’s in Pittsburgh, instead it’s the birthers and republicans.

  16. I’m sorry you think the US Constitution is so “laughable”.

    There are two — only two — Constitutional requirements to be president of the executive branch of the American federation known as the United States:
    1. that he be 35 or older
    2. he must be a “natural born citizen”.

    Obama himself is on video saying he is “from Kenya”. His wife said it. His grandmother said it. (Oh… all slips of the tongue, of course.) He speaks of his weird love for Mohammedanism. His preachers speak with acid-dripping tongues about evil ***WHITE*** America. His mother was underage when he was conceived by an agent of a foreign government, a subject to HRH Elizabeth II. Daddy disappears and mommy shacks up with some Indonesian guy who appears to have adopted him — but NO ONE CAN SAY WHAT THE HECK IS TRUE SINCE HE REFUSES TO CLARIFY THESE GERMAIN AND OBVIOUS QUESTIONS.

    Yet you scoff — mock! — anyone that merely asked him to settle the ambiguity surrounding the circumstances of his birth. Worse, you babble the same GOP talking points every other blabbering fool from the Stupid Party have been blabbering for ages.

    Who do you people think you are? Our lords? Piss off — I actually descend from royalty and my family gave up lording over the peasants long before they came to found New Paltz.

    I have news for you: if you, the GOP and the Obamatons think the Constitution is to be laughed at, GO TO THE DEVIL. YOU DO NOT BELONG ON AMERICAN SOIL AND DO NOT DESERVE THE LIBERTY MY FOREFATHERS DIED TO ACQUIRE.


  17. “natural-born citizen” is a term of art and law and has a definition.

    What is that definition, or at least what are the legal parameters of that definition, via current United States case law on the subject?

    What you “think” it means is meaningless.

  18. Piss off — I actually descend from royalty and my family gave up lording over the peasants long before they came to found New Paltz.

    Big deal.

    I couldn’t care less what ignorant savage customs your ancestors practiced.


    Right. Because this site is really big on taking away people’s rights, especially 2nd Amendment rights.

  20. “Dandruff flakes would have looked like the biggest fools today by asking to boycott Primanti’s in Pittsburgh,”

    75% of the American public is on our side. Deal with it.

  21. Seriously, the BIG PROBLEM (see, Spirit boy, I can use Caps Lock too) with Birthers is that they are trying to externalize an internal problem. There are probably between 10 and 20% of the American public who hate this nation and want it destroyed. The majority of those are indisputably natural-born citizens.

    The Birthers seem to think that any real American would naturally be 100% loyal, and that is demonstrably false. Bill Ayers is unquestionably eligible for the Presidency; does anyone doubt that he is, both legally and morally, a traitor?

    The Birther movement wants to pretend that if we just disqualify this one man, that our nation’s problems will be over. In reality, although I believe Obama can and will lose in 2012, the next GOP president will still need to deal with the Fifth Column inside the nation.

  22. But, but… I could have sworn he was an illegal alien from Mars. Why else would he be helping the homosexual conspiracy establish Martian Sharia in the US, in order to make gay marriage mandatory?
    Obviously this conspiracy goes deeper than I thought…

  23. SPIRIT,

    Even if it were true that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery (it’s not), congress has already certified the election. The time to sort out any eligibility questions has long since passed. Impeachment would be the only remedy. SCOTUS can’t just “fire” the president.

  24. Here’s part of the story nobody here has raised yet:

    Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, has recently confirmed that her half-brother was adopted at the age of 5 by his Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, who moved Obama to Indonesia, where Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro lived and attended school for about 4 or 5 years.

    Though there are apparently no known citizenship records for Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro during this 4 or 5 year interim, it is hard to understand how Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro could have been adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, and moved to Indonesia, for 4 or 5 years without any changes being made in Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro’s citizenship. This issue aside, there is something about this adoption that is a game-changer with regard to the validity and accuracy of the “official birth certificate” that Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro has recently released. Anyone who has ever been involved in the adoption of a child has experienced some things which most others are not aware of.

    Here is one of those things about the adoption of a child:

    When the adoption of a child takes place in the U.S., the original birth certificate is usually either amended, or replaced entirely with a new document which shows the adoptive parent or parents as the birth parents. So, with this factor in mind, why is the adoption of Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro NOT noted in this original long-form birth certificate which was released by the White House this week?

    We can only hypothesize on this, of course, since no member of the “big media” has ever bothered to ask this question. Assuming that the adoption of Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro actually took place in Indonesia, why were the Hawaii authorities never notified? Does that change the reality of the adoption itself? Of course not, but it does invalidate the document which we all saw this week for the first time. It is not an accurate reflection of the most basic facts needed to determine Obama’s eligibility for the presidency. That document should list Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro as Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro’s father – not the Kenyan subject, Barack Hussein Obama I.

    So, here we have a man sitting in the White House who has two fathers, but neither one of which were ever able to confer U.S. citizenship upon their son, Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro. Yet the left-leaning “big media” looked at this latest document, and they saw no problems with it. Meanwhile, I looked at this latest document and, for the first time, I can assert with confidence that there is no way on earth that Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro is eligible to be sitting in the White House as he has been for over the last two years. He’s not qualified, He doesn’t meet the test, and he has provided all the proof needed to come up with this conclusion.

  25. Oh boy… reading the comments I’m once again reminded…

    So many self-professed “patriots” here who are willing to spread fear and uncertainty, and are all too eager to throw their fellow citizens under the bus with the “they are destroying our once great country” rhetoric.

    It’s for this that I don’t spend a great deal of time on firearms or political forums, and even less time reading the comments.

  26. A you free — especially free to question the legitimacy and lawfulness of the political class?

    Or are you someone’s serf?

    Some here know but cannot admit lest the delusion be shattered.

    Shame on you.

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