6 thoughts on “It’s Go Time in Colorado”

  1. It also helps if you ever visit or spend money there in any way to let that be known as well. That way people from outside of the state can still make an impact. A buddy of mine spends a great deal of money on ski vacations there every year. He let the governor and legislators know that he will take his vacation money elsewhere if it passes.

  2. It’s funny listening to the Dems saying that Magpul isn’t required to leave… they just overlook:
    Magpul would be required to date and serialize every 30rnd mag

    Magpul could only sell the mag out of state – do they have a different effect in different states?

    It would be business suicide if they stayed.

    1. I actually saw the most relevant reason to leave fly past my Twitter timeline the other day. Unfortunately, I don’t recall who said it. However, they noted that today’s exemption in a bill is tomorrow’s loophole that must be closed. At least with the situation now, Magpul has some time to make an orderly move. They likely know that when the anti-gunners decide that want to close the “Magpul Loophole” that allows the magazines to be made at all, they won’t have time to move in an orderly fashion in order to do the least harm to their business.

  3. I think Magpul even said specifically that they’d be boycotted by the rest of the country if they remained there and did that.

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