Heyl’s Immaturity on Display

Someone went poking around the NRA archives and pointed out that not only is this not the first time that Eric Heyl has made disparaging remarks about people who might like to own firearms, but that his attacks on those who disagree with him are a longstanding behavior – one supported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Here’s his response to a reader who expressed a different view:

Yep. We all have our opinions. The difference between us is that I happen to get paid for mine.

Since that email was from 2007, I guess the Tribune-Review‘s business model of “we hate you, readers” really does work. That’s too bad.

For those of you reading this blog from Pittsburgh, might I suggest the paper that ran a piece about women and guns on Sunday that didn’t include a massive dose of misogyny?

Heyl is free to be anti-gun. And his employers are free to condone his insults toward their readers. But consumers don’t have to keep buying their paper.

8 Responses to “Heyl’s Immaturity on Display”

  1. Spade says:

    If you want to sink to his level you could find his LinkedIn profile and talk about his awesome pedostache.

  2. Dogboy49 says:

    Don’t know much about the Pittsbugh rag, but that is the reason I discontinued my (Philadelphia) Enquirer subscription several years ago.

  3. IllTemperedCur says:

    “I guess the Tribune-Review‘s business model of “we hate you, readers” really does work. ”

    If he ever gives in to the dark side, H&K will probably have a PR job waiting for him……

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    It’s good to have alternatives, and the market works when there is more than one source for what a person wants – end the monopoly and freedom emerges.

  5. richard says:

    Just to make sure we are kicking the right dog, Pittsburgh inexplicably still has two newspapers. The latter misogynistic article was from the Post Gazette (AKA: the Far Left Paper)
    The Tribune Review is the Center-Left paper for which Heyl writes.

    I take both the Post Gazette and the Trib………. for free from the recycling bin after they don’t sell. They are valuable to start our woodstoves or as bedding paper so day old chickens can poop on them.

  6. richard says:

    My keyboard was outrunning my brain today. Please disregard last post. I thought you were mixing the two papers as one.
    Sincere apologies!

  7. Bitter says:

    No problem! I was going to say, the Post-Gazette article was wonderful and not at all hateful towards women.

  8. After emailing him with some solid facts and invited him to the NRA 140th convention. He’s response was the basic one liner that boiled down to “I won’t waste my time being proved wrong because I know I am right.” This guy is unbelievable. I wonder how many responses he got from people across the country, not just here in Pittsburgh.