Castle Doctrine Possibly Delayed

Since it’s passage is largely inevitable, we’re probably going to be delayed a bit why everyone tries to get their due credit for getting the legislation passed. I’m generally fine with this, as long as it gets done. Some of our friends in the legislature who have gone out on a limb for this bill shouldn’t feel shut out of the final passage.

5 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Possibly Delayed”

  1. Hopefully nobody will be prosecuted for what should be a non-crime because these people are squabbling about whose name to put on it. I mean, it’s about putting peoples’ names on it, not about protecting law-abiding victims from prosecution, right?

  2. If Pennsylvania’s Constitution is similar to Arizona’s, then it might not matter: it is my understanding that, when Constitutional Carry passed, it took 45 days from the last day of the Legislative Session for the law to go into effect–and that applies to *all* laws passed in the session.

    If this is the case, then squabbling over what names will be put on it will only affect what can and cannot be debated in the session, and not when it will go into effect!

  3. Our “Stand your Ground” bill (we have Castle) just passed the state House 33-6 and is on its way to the Senate.

    Here’s hoping it makes it through prior to the end of session.

  4. I am assuming this is a stall tactic so Corbett can sign the bill at either the NRA annual meeting in Pittsburgh or the 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg. If this is the case, I hope it is signed at the 2nd Amendment Rally and not the NRA annual meeting since the NRA does not deserve the credit for this blll, it is the grassroots gun rights citizens of Pennsylvania who have worked long and hard for this bill.

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