Happy to Disappoint

Daley isn’t too pleased with the concealed carry bill:

“Do you want guns at your neighborhood festival or block party? Or in a park, like the one we’re here today? CTA buses or trains? Do you want students with concealed weapons walking around every college campus in the state?”

Why yes. Yes I do. Because I’m pro-choice.

UPDATE: Probably not going to happen now, but this bill does a little better every year.

3 thoughts on “Happy to Disappoint”

  1. What a joke. As if the criminal element doesn’t already carry concealed weapons in “da `hood.”

    I’d rather be in a public space with responsible law abiding citizens who are armed than in a public space where only the undesirables are armed.

  2. No, it’ll pass. To sum it up, Todd Vandermyde was interviewed last night over on NRA News. It was a “cold” vote with no lobbying power behind it, and numerous people who would have voted for it were in committee and didn’t vote. Numerous A and B rates were not there…. The author “jumped the gun”, essentially.

    Things are still a go for carry in Illinois. :)

  3. The Sun-Times is whistling past the graveyard . . . they’re telling you to listen to the magician’s patter and watch his assistant.

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