SAF, NYSRPA, Files Suit Against New York City

This is what we’ve been waiting for, a direct attack on Bloomberg’s unconstitutional edifice. The metaphorical equivalent of this is the Doolittle raid. It shows we can attack him where he lives, and where he controls. It is also, as is the SAF/Gura modus operandi, a narrow question. I believe this is wise.

The New York Times is paying attention. This won’t be the last. My goal in all this is to be able to legally carry in the heart of Manhattan. Five years ago I would have said it was a pipe dream. Now I don’t think so.

8 Responses to “SAF, NYSRPA, Files Suit Against New York City”

  1. Stew says:

    This made my day.

  2. GunKing1 says:

    This is great news, it is long overdue.

  3. rkh says:

    Expect the city council to modify the fee before this goes to court.

  4. Ian Argent says:

    Unless they drop it entirely, still a problem. If they do, cheap win.

  5. Matt says:

    No Ian, not a cheap win. Kicking the can down the road.

    I think part of these suits count on the arrogance and elitist mentality of people like Bloomberg. It certainly worked in both Fenty’s and Daley’s case. Both were so obsessed with maintaining their tiny empires against these challenges to their authority that they were blinded by what was at stake. I say Gura, to a certain extent, used their own egos against them.

    I’m pretty certain folks in the DC and Chicago cases close to both mayors begged them to change the laws and not risk the outcomes that came to pass for the very reason that Bloomberg has stated. I believe he is rational enough to see the downside to maintaining the status quo and is trying to maintain some level of control. The question is: Is Bloomberg in control of enough of his ego to scale back in advance to a point it might dilute or eliminate another challenge?

    Despite his urgings to the NYC council, I believe the answer is “No.”. I believe like Daley and Fenty before him, he may try to ratchet down the regulations to the point he thinks might pass muster but will allow his authoritarian streak to get in the way and go overboard as both DC and Chicago have done. He would merely delay the inevitable. But to tyrants like him, a few more years of most of power is better than the loss of it all and making the serfs his equal.

  6. Ian Argent says:

    I meant both “cheap” and “win” – I wasn’t engaging in hyperbole.

    Cheap in both time and money – even a victorious lawsuit with attorney’s fees paid is expensive in time and opportunity cost. In Bloomberg and/or the city council backs down without a fight (just as many of the municipalities around Chicago did when the McDonald suits were filed) the defendants save themselves the time, money, and aggravation. Alan Gura is free to pursue another target of opportunity, and SAF doesn’t have to go to their war chest.

    Victory for freedom in NYC – people living under an oppressive regime get to own firearms without paying for the privilege. Remember, I said “unless the fee is gone entirely”. Not reduced or redirected. Gone.

    The anti-gunners got lazy and won their victories by “island-hopping”. If we want to be able to push the center of the pendulum pernamently, we need to win the small fights.

  7. The Second Anonymous says:

    I just send donation to SAF, 3rd time within 12 months, in addition to the 5 year membership.

  8. armed_partisan says:

    That’s a great analogy about the Doolittle Raid, Sebastian. We didn’t start this fight, but by god, we’re gonna WIN IT!