Major Victory Over HSUS in Iowa

Yesterday the legislature passed a bill creating a dove hunting season, and today the Governor signed it. This bill was opposed very strongly by the Humane Society of the United States, who say that people don’t want this gentle bird of peace to be hunted. Apparently enough Iowa legislators thought, “Screw that, peace is tasty wrapped in bacon and basted with maple syrup,” to get this done.

4 thoughts on “Major Victory Over HSUS in Iowa”

  1. Sounds good. One method I learned in Texas is to take a piece of breast meat, sandwich it between a slice of jalapeno and water chestnut, wrap in bacon, and toss on the grill.

    I’ve found soaking the breasts overnight in salt water improves flavor as well.

  2. It’s been more than 30 years in the making. I remember one campaign back in the 80s. Some little old lady made the news by telling how killing one dove would kill its partner – she’d seen it! A dove flew in front of her car trying to kill itself because its partner was dead. Don’t know how she knew, must have communicated telepathically with the dove while she was slamming on the brakes to miss it. But the law didn’t pass that year. One year the DNR created a season without congressional approval, thinking that they were supposed to know what was best for wildlife in the state – you know, the job they were hired to do. HSUS and the rest of the tree-hugger screamed and that got stopped.

  3. I still remember when Wisconsin was contemplating a dove season back in the late 1990s. There was a letter to the editor in one of the Chicago papers at my future in-laws’ home from a lady from Chicago who declared that if Wisconsin was such a brutal and nasty place that the hicks there would shoot the symbol of peace with guns, she would never visit the state nor spend another dime there, ever, and she would encourage her friends to do the same.

    My future in-laws seemed more bemused than amused when I explained that the lady LIVED in a state where dove hunting was a thriving enterprise and that I’d been hunting doves with my father and grandfather since I was a child.

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