An iPhone App? Really?

I can’t think of any reason why, in a pinch, I might need to call my local ATF field office. At least not urgently enough that I need an iPhone app. Even as an FFL holder, there’s a form to report a lost or stolen gun, and even as an FFL holder, my first call to report a missing or stolen gun is going to be to local police.

Maybe this kind of waste of taxpayer money is why their budget is getting cut.

6 Responses to “An iPhone App? Really?”

  1. kahr40 says:

    Crank calls?

  2. ZK says:

    Handy for making airlines hurry the hell up and find my checked handgun.

  3. I am going to see if there is one near me, and if so, I’ll send them a Christmas card….

    And maybe some donuts…. LOL

  4. dusty says:

    Somebody at OMB demanded that ATF managers’ performance plan include a line on improving customer service. This ap justifies some SES people, and a bunches of GS’ers, getting bonuses this year for exceptional performance.

  5. larry weeks says:

    A friend who is an FFL dealer called them first when his checked gun didn’t show up in Chicago. ATF was ready to shut the place down when the gun magically appeared. Sounds like a great idea if you travel with guns.

  6. BobG says:

    Sounds like the sort of app that Paul Helmke would have on his phone for the warm fuzzy feeling it would give him.