2 thoughts on “Don’t Take Beanbags to a Gunfight”

  1. When Obama administration policy is to arm Mexican criminals with AKs and the US Border Patrol with bean bag guns, just how is the Border Patrol supposed to not bring a bean bag gun to a gunfight? For the individual agents, it’s follow orders or be fired for insubordination. Of course, when your boss is setting you up to be killed, it might be a good idea to look for a new job.
    Obama’s policy is that Mexican criminals should be well armed, partly, and predictably, so that they can kill US law enforcement agents. That’s what the Obama administration did, and that is what happened. They armed Mexican criminals, with predictable, tragic consequences for US law enforcement. To believe otherwise is to be in denial of the facts.
    Some people can’t believe that the US government would deliberately choose to arm foreign criminals and deliberately choose to disarm the US law enforcement officers who have to deal with those criminals, but that is what happened.
    Policies that are stupid to the point of insanity are never allowed to have an effect on other policies. ATF allowing 2,500 real guns to go into Mexico would never be allowed to influence Border Patrol policy on bean bag guns. In the minds of bureaucrats, everything is just perfectly fine and dandy – until it isn’t, and even then they try to rationalize that it was. Has that bean bag gun policy been changed yet, now that we know that they let 2,500 real guns into Mexico? No, because one Mexican criminal shot dead by the US Border Patrol would be one too many for the political values of the anti-American, Obama administration Obama’s leftist supporters in the US don’t like law enforcement officers anyway – they couldn’t care less about dead Border Patrol agents, who only work to discourage more illegals from entering the US. Those illegals are supposed to eventually get amnesty and become Democrat voters. The left likes its illegals and it does not like the Border Patrol. Obama’s gun policies, on both sides of the border, manifested those leftist sentiments.

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