Vote Nearing in House Judiciary on Castle Doctrine

From Rep. Bryan Cutler. After the knock down drag out fight we’ve waged to get this, this is speeding through the GOP legislature faster than I would have imagined last year. I think we’ll have Castle Doctrine before summer at this rate.

And remember, the Brady’s tried to tell everyone we lost the 2010 elections.

UPDATE from Bitter: And here’s the outcome:

Castle Doctrine passes out of committee with only 1 negative vote

Woo hoo. Now on to the Senate for more action this week.

4 thoughts on “Vote Nearing in House Judiciary on Castle Doctrine”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe what I am reading…its the second week of March and this is speeding along committees. Somebody pinch me!

    Ok, where’s the hold-up going to be? I can’t believe that this pace will continue? Sen. Leach perhaps come up with something to attach to it? I know that it came out of the Senate Judiciary clean, but really?

    I’m usually a “half-empty glass” rather than “half-full glass” kind of person, so this is a bit startling to me…but nonetheless welcome news!

    1. I wouldn’t be shocked if they try something in the Senate, and the House Dems may once again try to stir up some drama during a floor vote, but I think the votes so far point to things coming out in our favor. That said, I do hope there’s some more cane waving on the House floor by Rep. Thomas. That made PCN infinitely more entertaining.

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