Newark Chief to Chair Gun Control Subcommittee

The gun control subcommittee of the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, such a powerful and feared group in the gun control movement, that I’ve never even heard of it. I find it amusing that the example he offers as to why we need a new ban on assault weapons involves two firearms that were illegally possessed and are absolutely illegal in New Jersey already. If it doesn’t work, it means you have to double down.

2 thoughts on “Newark Chief to Chair Gun Control Subcommittee”

  1. Agreed. As I posted on my blog:

    More gun legislation does NOT control crime, at least not in a positive direction. The less ability John Q. Citizen has to legally obtain and carry a firearm, the more ability criminals have to terrorize, abuse and kill Mr. Citizen.

  2. Sounds like he might be perfect for this:

    “A major cable network is searching for outspoken individuals willing to put their views to the test on a documentary-style television show. We are most interested in people who want to speak up on how guns affect our society today. If this sounds like you and you’re up for an exciting challenge, please contact us ASAP.”

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