Million Dollar Garage

Marko and Miguel have their picks for what they’d fill a million dollar garage with. I’m boringly practical when it comes to automobiles, so even with a million bucks I’d doubt I’d drive something much different than I have now. Though I’d probably get leather seats. No, if I had a princely sum to spend on transportation, I’d get one of these:

And no doubt many are fans of the Ford Mustang, but I’d rather have a Mustang made by Cessna:

Both of these, of course, are the Priuses (Prii?) of turbojet powered aircraft. Larger business jets will suck down jet-A like it’s going out of style. Regardless, the fuel economy on either aircraft would put your Ford Earthf**ker to shame. If the automobile is f**king the earth, private jets rape and pillages the earth, then murder its family.

Sadly, personal jets don’t quite have the hippy tear inducing effect as the automobile, because plenty of wealthy leftists fly in them, and this has never been about saving the earth. It’s been about saving your average dumb American from himself. Once average dumb Americans, who clearly need to be re-educated by their betters, start buying their own jets, you can bet the hippy tears will start flowing for mother Gaia, and planes will be just as bad as the automobile. I look forward to that day.

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  1. I always wanted a gyrocopter, but I’d probably get myself killed in the first 10 min lol

    I was reading once about how jumbo jets must be filled at or very near to capacity to remain profitable and be as fuel efficient as possible. It simply takes so much energy to propel something that big through the air at those speeds. At least vehicles like big rigs are fuel efficient. Not great mpg, but they pull a lot of weight for the fuel used, compared to smaller vehicles.

  2. I guess I’d prefer to have a D-model Mustang built by North American. :-)

  3. My first thought was gold, silver, and ammo, although it wouldn’t fill the garage (unless you liked ammo a LOT).

  4. Miguel:

    does the p-51 work, and can it be had for $1000000 ?

    (I’m assuming, without looking, that a working p-51 is rare enough to pull in more than a million…)

  5. I’m more interested in going places… A MiG would be cool to have, but it would be for fun. They are too impractical to use them to go places.

  6. The P-51 Mustang wouldn’t be terribly IMpractical, though?

    The link says the one for sale is going for $1,400,000 – a little high even for the challenge, though.

  7. My sister’s a fan of Ford Mustangs; she even has a few posters in her bedroom. Every so often I’ve wanted to put up a poster of a P-51 Mustang in her room. :-)

    I never had that idea long enough to motivate me to do it, though…

  8. As for cars…I’d like a fully-restored 1984 Toyota Camry. That was my first car, and I first owned it when it was about 20 years old. I really liked it, and I had fantasies of restoring it to perfect condition.

    It would be a bonus if I could get it to fly! Yeah, I know: I need to get to work on that anti-gravity drive…

  9. An old acquaintance years ago had a P51D two seater, he used to fly to Florida for lunch (owned a construction company). Usually with a Bimbette who wanted to go for a ride in his plane, not having a clue what kind of aircraft he owned.

    He was well versed in the aerobatics ability of the aircraft having been a fighter jock and I imagine he used it to extort favor to his liking. Probably similar to Bill Clinton offering visits the oval office.

  10. I never understood the need to have your own jet…until I hitched a ride on Jim-Bob’s Gulfstream V back from Dallas to California many years ago, when I worked for DSC. Definitely a more civilized way to fly than no the cattle cars.

  11. Are you sure that the Cirrus and Kel-Tec companies aren’t sharing development, engineering, production and marketing teams?

    The parallels in failing to deliver product to market are astounding!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  12. When you have a chance, check out the Viper Jet II, It’s a kit plane but sooooo cool!!!!!!

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