3 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory”

  1. He is, they did, but I’d love to see the news actually point out that Phelps church is basically one huge scam on extracting legal fees for civil rights cases.

  2. I stood once with some Patriot Guard members with our Motorcycles running and revving to drown out their rants of vitriol and hate. I agree, the SCOTUS made the right call.
    Satan will have his day in hell with Fred Phelps, I am only sorry won’t see it!

  3. Are the funerals considered public events? That’s the part I haven’t been able to follow. Are the Phelps idiots outside the cemetery on the sidewalk or right next to the ceremony?

    Are how far does the concept of “fighting words” to provoke somebody go? I’d have a hard time believing a jury would convict a parent or other relative for walking over and beating a few of these cultists into unconsciousness.

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