Media Bloggers Association Stands up to Righthaven

Media Bloggers Association are standing up for a blogger who was sued, and rather than fight took a default judgement, they argue:

Media Bloggers Association on Wednesday called Righthaven’s demands for damages against Hyatt outrageous given the nature of the alleged infringement and what they call Righthaven’s abusive business model.

If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up here. This might be something I have to consider. Righthaven needs to be stopped. Take, for instance, this Pennsylvania couple who spent six months fighting a lawsuit when they weren’t even the proper party. Supposedly Righthaven has racked up $364,000 in settlements so far. This is a sick and twisted abuse of our legal system.

This blog will continue its policy of scrubbing links to any media outlet that works with Righthaven. I’m not driving traffic and Google love to pond suckers.