8 thoughts on “Khyber Pass Enfields”

  1. Then, that means copy-clones of real firearms are even easier to make just in time for gun buyback programs? No-questions-asked, right?
    I’m surprised no one has tried taking advantage of this at other buybacks already. Trade $5 worth of metal pipe, tube, and wood for $200 in grocery money? I’d buy that for a dollar.

  2. I seem to recall buybacks disallowing zip guns after a few people had that bright idea. So you’d have to actually put a little effort into it.

  3. So if guns are so easy to make, where is the youtube video or instructable for building a Sten? The Sten was supposedly made in wartime England on a cottage-industry basis, some parts from here, and some from there.

    I have seen the homemade zip guns that people braver than me have supposedly fired. As weapons go they are better than nothing, but I would like something better than a single shot shotgun.

    How hard is it to make a gun that will fire six or more times without reloading? Revolvers take a lot of finicky machining, even for single actions. Full-auto’s may be easier, but the penalty is severe. How about a pump or semi-auto rifle? How hard is it to make one from scratch in your local hardware store and home garage?

    If we can show that it is impossible to outlaw guns, that people can make their own effective and reliable weapons, then we can show that gun-bans will never work.

  4. Even believable ripoffs of existing commercially produced firearms aren’t hard to make.

    I seem to recall a website where a guy detailed the steps involved in his manufacturing Beretta 92 clones with a CNC machine and bare materials. It was a bit involved sure, but not exactly hard if you had the machinery & knowledge.

  5. piratepete:

    You can fairly easily find a website (yay internets!) that sells both the proper bit of tubing and a paper template for several Marks of the Sten. You glue the paper template to the tube and remove metal where indicated. Don’t really need a YouTube vid for that.

  6. Our host has opined a time or two that the easiest firearm to make is an open-bolt SMG.

    I would kind of like to get ahold of a kyber pass special (cheap) just as a conversation piece

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