Where Are Your Grassroots?

The New Trajectory blog seems rather upset that our side organized to skew the results of his poll. Now imagine instead of just a minor bit of fun like that, it was calls to congressional offices instead? Now you see why we win. Where’s the gun control forums and blogs linking to send their people to counter what we did? There aren’t any, because there are no grassroots behind the gun control movement.

10 thoughts on “Where Are Your Grassroots?”

  1. It will not take my comment……I wonder why?

    “Seriously? You did not get the results you liked, you did not gather enough people to vote the way you wanted it to go and suddenly we committed fraud?

    Isn’t that a bit of intellectual dishonesty? Do you believe in the democratic process or not?”

  2. People said similar things about the online Ron Paul polls during the 2008 election. Two years later, the rolling snowball of freedom keeps getting bigger, and it’s going to crush all the bs that’s been put in its way over the decades.

  3. The thing that makes me laugh is that I tried to engage this guy in an honest, no-swear-words-or-pejorative-terms debate on his chosen subject, and he didn’t even approve my comment. Guy’s a total loser.

    The worst part? I live in Springfield, right across the I-5 from Eugene. Makes me itch in all the wrong places.

  4. This is what I wrote as a comment on his blog, not that he’ll ever approve it:

    “Go ahead and try it! Clinton learned the hard way about restricting the 2nd Amendment, and Obama’s been smart enough to keep far, far away from it. In fact, the thing that makes me laugh is that he rode the coattails of people like you into office, claiming how he would ban everything and make the world a shiny, rainbow happy place, and then promptly turned around and did none of it at all. You liberals are such dreamers that you actually BELIEVED a politician. Lol.”

  5. I dunno. You get Democratic Underground on the case and they can skew a poll too.

  6. Internet polls are stupid anyway: they suffer badly from “self-selection” bias and from “population” bias, among other biases. That is, only people who read your website, and–in some cases, possibly even people who come in, just to vote on it–get counted.

    At best, such polls are gimmicks.

    If he really wants to get an accurate poll, he’ll have to do it the hard way: with randomly-selected people. Even then, bias isn’t completely gone.

    And he still probably wouldn’t like the results!

  7. Exodus: Even DU doesn’t have a solid consensus on the gun issue though. I don’t read regularly but it seems that whenever the issue comes up at least a few people chime in as pro-2A, and more pragmatic ones chime in and say, “And even if I favor such laws, they’re electoral suicide to push, so skip it!”

    Sebastian: Here’s an idea. Let’s pick a few days out in the future — say, sometime in March or April, plenty of time to organize a little — and absolutely boycott the anti-gun blogs and sites for 72 hours. A week would be better, but it would be harder to keep such a boycott in effect for longer periods of time. No RSS feeds, no hits, no comments, nothing. Ignore Common Gunsense, New Trajectory, Colin Goddard’s press releases, the Brady website–total blackout. The effects will likely be hard to observe, but the owners of the sites will see their traffic drop to a tiny fraction of what it normally is and they will know in their heart of hearts that the “silent middle” is not reading their blogs.

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