My Faith in Humanity …

… gets shaken severely when I consider that this guy is the hottest ticket on Fox News:

Taken back to the point of creation where science can no longer offer an explanation, this line of reasoning isn’t poor, but it sure doesn’t show off Bill O’Reilly’s vast knowledge of the subject he’s deriding. Considering we have a pretty good idea where the moon came from, and Mars has not only one, but two moons (which may be captured asteroids, but that’s neither here nor there).

If there’s order to Bill O’Reilly’s universe, then quantum mechanics would make his head explode, and let’s not even talk about entropy, and what the laws of thermodynamics says is does. If there’s one thing observing and studying the universe, both macroscopically and microscopically, ought to reveal to the faithful, is if there’s order to God’s creation, we do not possess (yet) the mathematical and physical knowledge to comprehend it, and perhaps we weren’t meant to. But beyond that we can explain most of what we see around us.

O’Reilly, on the other hand, seems to have difficulty understanding the things math and science can explain. That certainly doesn’t make him unique among the American population, but most of us aren’t pundits on a popular cable news show. A famous quote of Abraham Lincoln’s comes to mind here. O’Reilly has one purpose, for me at least, and that’s making Glenn Beck seem considerably less annoying in comparison.

14 thoughts on “My Faith in Humanity …”

  1. I never cared for O’Reilly because he is a bully and a gun grabber.

    This video clip shows his breathtaking arrogance and ignorance. A real pinhead.

  2. Bill O’Reilly: You also say that Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain peak. I say the world’s tallest peak is Space Mountain – tell me where I’m wrong!

    Susan van Etten: [ stunned ] Space Mountain?

    Bill O’Reilly: Space Mountain! In the Pocano Mountain Range, part of Joshua Tree National Park in Alaska? Where am I wrong?

    Susan van Etten: Okay.. um.. first of all, Space Mountain is not a mountain. I beleive it’s a roller coaster. Also, the Pocano Mountains are in Pennsylvania, and are not part of any national park, least of all Joshua Tree National Park, which has mountains. And it’s in California, not Alaska.

    Bill O’Reilly: Hey, have you ever been to Alaska, Professor?

    Susan van Etten: Bill, I was just explaining –

    Bill O’Reilly: I’m sorry, Professor! I asked you a simple question: Have you ever been to Alaska?

    Susan van Etten: [ meekly ] No.

    Bill O’Reilly: Well, I appreciate you’re coming on The Factor. And I’ll give you the last word.

    Susan van Etten: Uh..

  3. The best description of O’Reilly I ever heard was by Kim DuToit, who called him, “a supercilious prick”. Spot on.

  4. Yes, he is. And keep in mind that supercilious prick was a high school history teacher (not exactly demanding a rigorous education, and CERTAINLY not requiring intelligence.

    And just to put the icing on his lack of education cake, he got an MA in journalism….

    No, not too much wattage in the brain bulb, there…

  5. Jesus wept, Bill… If you are going to mock something, it would behoove you to have at least a fifth-grader’s grasp of that which you are mocking.

  6. If people can’t swing a 100 level physics course in college, howsabout a 100 level Astronomy course at least? It would go a LONG way toward bringing the populace up to speed on BASIC things like this.

  7. I guess this is something we can agree on. Bill O’Reilly is so obnoxious I can’t stand him. But one thing intriqued me, is he really a “gun grabber?” Maybe the guy’s not all bad.

  8. Mikey would cozy up with the devil if he promised to take away everybody’s guns.

  9. Bill O’Reilly is a moroon!!

    He was great in the late 90’s, but has since gone squishy, like the rest of the FOX news talking heads. Except for Megyn Kelly. Ummm, Megyn Kelly……Tasty and eye candy. And a lot smarter than me.

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