Shift in Gun Debate

Daniel Webster, co-director of the Joyce funded “Center for Gun Policy and Research” at Johns Hopkins, admits that current strategies for defecating on our Second Amendment rights aren’t working, and aren’t spurring the right kind of debate. He believe we need to look for new, and innovative ways to defecate on Second Amendment rights, such as raising the age at which you can buy a gun, or denying Second Amendment rights based on some measure of precognition (precrime?). As to the age, raise it to what? It’s already 21. 25? 35? Is this a right or a privilege?

6 thoughts on “Shift in Gun Debate”

  1. “As to the age, raise it to what? It’s already 21. 25? 35? Is this a right or a privilege?”

    Maybe they’ll want us to ‘compromise’ again and just raise to 30 =P

  2. And yet we trust 18 year olds to walk around our military bases with hmmm….

    – Select Fire assault rifles/ heavy machine guns

    – Grenades

    – Rocket Launchers

    – We trust them to crew some multi-million dollar war machines.

    In the civilian world, we trust kids even younger than them to handle our money and merchandise with sales jobs.

    And we just gave them the right to vote not too long ago. Now people are claiming up and down the human brain doesn’t really mature until 24ish – they’re going to look really stupid trying to disenfranchise individuals without due process or even proof that they’re a danger to others.

  3. Should require rifle ownership at 17, so that they are properly trained members of the militia (Title 10, section 311). Militia membership should be expanded to include women who are not members of the national guard.

    Further, any rifle issued in the last 100 years to US soldiers should be considered a suitable militia arm. That would include Krag Jorgensons, Enfields, Springfields, Lee Enfields, Chauchauts, Garands, M-1/2/3/4 Carbines, Browning machine guns, M-60s, M-16 series, SAWs. and even Johnsons and Thompsons.

    Then we could start to begin on pistols.

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